Amazon Has Created Its Own Holiday — Prime Day — And Your Business Can Too

Create Your Own Holiday

You don’t need to wait until Labor Day to host the next big sale for your business. Instead, you can follow the example set by mega online retailer Amazon and just create your own holiday.

Amazon will host its annual Prime Day on July 11. The company created this holiday back in 2015 to offer deals on its products and those from Amazon merchants. Amazon gained plenty of buzz (and some criticism over the quality and quantity of deals). But the day has overall been a big win. In fact, Amazon saw 100 percent growth from merchants participating in Prime Day between 2015 and 2016.

But even if your small business doesn’t sell products on Amazon, the news about Prime Day could still provide an important lesson. As pointed out earlier, Prime Day isn’t an official holiday — or even a  real one. There’s no historical significance or July 11 and no official entity has ever issues a proclamation stating otherwise. It’s simply a day Amazon decided to create to offer deals and boost sales.

Create Your Own Holiday

So there’s nothing to say that your small business can’t do the same. If you’ve got a lot of extra stock or just want to boost sales quickly, creating a unique shopping holiday for your business could be a great strategy. This could allow you to offer great deals while also creating buzz around your business and potentially even creating a great tradition your customers look forward to year after year.

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