GoDaddy Launches Premium WordPress Support for Small Business Sites and Administrators

GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support Now Available for Small Business Site Owners and Administrators

Internet domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE:GDDY) is introducing WordPress Premium Support. The new customer support option gives small businesses and individuals the ability to contact one of over 40 on-call WordPress developers and GoDaddy’s best-in-class customer support team. This formidable pool of resources is available anytime site owners need help managing and optimizing their websites.

According to the Scottsdale, Arizona-based web hosting service provider, the new support offering will help small business site administrators and managers too. The goal is to help small business owners maintain high-quality WordPress websites and boost their online presence more easily and effectively than ever before.

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GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support to Boost Small Business Online Presence

One of the more critical things small businesses need today is to bolster their online presence. Not only will this increase your brand’s reputation, but also establish you as an authority in your industry and help to attract more customers.  GoDaddy says its new support offering, dubbed WP Premium Support, sets itself apart by providing “unparalleled support and a new level of access to WordPress expertise.”

This premium offering will reportedly help small businesses fix, update and optimize their WordPress sites more quickly and conveniently than ever before. WP Premium Support promises to give customers round-the-clock access to a large team of on-call WordPress developers to provide expert guidance on resolving website issues and boosting performance at the drop of a hat.

“Small businesses have better things to do than spending their time figuring out how to troubleshoot and implement WordPress fixes on their own,” said Alex McClafferty, Director of Product and founder of WP Curve, which was acquired by GoDaddy in 2016. “Whether it’s a plugin that stops working or a theme that needs updating, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ additional support will need to be called in. With WP Premium Support, we’re providing peace of mind to small businesses whose WordPress websites can be kept up and running as they should be, with fixes expertly implemented, and fast.”

To sign up for WP Premium Support, contact the GoDaddy customer care center at 480-463-8824, or visit the WP Premium Support product description web page to find more information. Basic plans for this subscription-based service start from $79.99 per month moving up to $149.99 per month for the Ultimate plan, as per the information on the product page.

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  1. I wonder why separate the support? Does this mean that they choose their customers or they just tailor the support based on the customer?

  2. I like how GoDaddy is going after the WordPress share of the hosting market. All their recent acquisitions are proving this especially after they closed down their cloud service and sold their Europe super server.
    I guess that in a year they could re-invent themselves in the WP market as their current best-selling shared services are too generic for the coming years.