What Could the New Google News Feed Mean for Businesses?

What Could the New Google News Feed Mean for Businesses?

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) just introduced a new and improved feed feature to its Google app. The Google News Feed allows users to completely customize what they see based on selected topics and search activity. And this new feature could potentially have an impact on businesses.

Inside the New Google News Feed

With this updated feed, users will see a personalized list of topics right when they open the Google app, without having to actually search for anything first. Users also have the ability to dive deeper into a topic on the app with just one click. For example, if you see a news story that interests you, you can click on it to see more related content. Some will even give context right on the home page if there are a bunch of recent articles related to the same topic.

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Users can also actively follow certain topics on the app. So if someone is interested in a particular sports team or celebrity, they can specify they want to see news topics related to that going forward.

For businesses, this feature could present some new opportunities. First of all, if a person follows a topic related to your business, it could make it easier for them to discover content related to your company. For instance, if your company is an eco-friendly fashion brand, then people who follow related topics are going to be more likely to see content that mentions your business. It potentially puts more relevant consumers in your path.

It also presents an opportunity for content creators to get their pieces in front of more people. If there’s a trending topic that a lot of people are searching for at the moment, you could create something relevant to your business that also incorporates that trend and potentially have it show up in more people’s news feeds.

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  1. The way Google will be using the feed to shape how people absorb news. Instead of just tossing a news article into the feed as a standalone entity, the feed will highlight multiple news sources and fact checks that throw the veracity of information into the forefront of a user’s mind.

  2. So does this mean that it will be harder to rank your story in it unlike before? Or will it be the same?

    • I don’t think it’s going to be the same for everyone — it just depends on the topic of your content and what people want to see

  3. So what can those people who are using press releases to get ranked on Google News? Is there no hope for them now?

    • I think they can still do that — this is just a different way for people to find content on their apps

  4. This will drive some SEOs crazy. But I guess things are always bound to change.

    • It’s always changing — and helping people find relevant content is usually a good thing for all sides

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