What is a Perfumer? This Business Can Teach How to Customize Your Service

What is a Perfumer? This Business Can Teach How to Customize Your Service

Want to create a product that’s truly customizable to every customer? You could probably learn something from New York based perfumer Sue Phillips.

An Example of How to Customize Your Service

Phillips has a “Scentarium” where customers can go to create their own custom fragrance. But it’s not just about letting customers run around and forcing them to figure things out on their own. At $500 for a one-on-one session, Phillips has an entire process dedicated to helping people come up with their own ideal scent combination.

It starts with a personality quiz designed to determine the fragrance family you might be drawn to. Then visitors are able to actually go through and smell some of the available fragrances. Finally, they can narrow it down to a few favorites and have it bottled. Visitors also receive a card with the exact formula so they can easily order refills of that same scent when needed.

Customers willing to pay for this type of experience must be handled with care. It’s important to offer a product that’s truly unique to them, along with the service to match. Small businesses seeking to offer similar premium, customizable products or services should take note. Make sure you come up with a process offering enough different combinations. Customers need to come away with something that’s really unique or even one-of-a-kind.

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