Track Employee Productivity with New Office 365 Workplace Analytics Add-on

Track Employee Productivity with New Office 365 Workplace Analytics Add-on

There’s a new version of Microsoft Workplace Analytics available. The overhauled tool first launched in 2016 is the latest in a marketplace demanding more technology to increase employee productivity. The new software is available now as an add-on to any Office 365 enterprise plan.

When it first appeared on the scene, Microsoft Workplace Analytics was designed to help individual employees improve their productivity by introducing machine learning to different Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) applications. The data was only for the eyes of the employees, because managers could not see it.

As Ryan Fuller, general manager of Workplace Analytics explains, the ads-on takes things a bit further. It provides behavioral insights to improve productivity, employee engagement and the effectiveness of the workforce. The new Microsoft Workplace Analytics add-on does this by collecting data on how the organization collaborates and spends its time. Information is gathered by tapping into Office 365 email and calendar metadata, to/from data, subject lines and timestamps.

Inside the Office 365 Workplace Analytics Add-On

According to Fuller, Workplace Analytics turns the data from everyday work into behavioral metrics for understanding what’s going on in an organization.

Track Employee Productivity with New Office 365 Workplace Analytics Add-on

The technology for Workplace Analytics comes in part from Microsoft’s acquisition of VoloMetrix in 2015. With this technology, managers and executives can monitor how employees use business and productivity applications, which are now limited to just email and calendar data.

In terms of analysis, email and calendar applications already provide a treasure trove of information about how employees are collaborating and spending their time. The Microsoft Graph then uses the data to create four views including Week in the Life, Meetings, Management and Coaching, and Network and Collaboration.

Track Employee Productivity with New Office 365 Workplace Analytics Add-on

Although Microsoft has large enterprises in mind for this software, companies of any size can use the automated system and business intelligence to more efficiently run their organizations. The value delivered by the software includes insights into what is hindering productivity so you can implement solutions that facilitate change.
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  1. Thats a nice move from the Microsoft end. Appreciate such business intelligence softwares to assist small organisations and provide them with necessary direction to grow through extensive yet simple analytics.

    Its saves cost as well. Thanks for sharing here. I will try this at our organisation.

  2. Hi Frederick,
    Than you very much.
    Let us know how it works out for you.