New Platform Connects Investors with Entrepreneurs on Video Conference

Pitch Investors Live App Connects Investors with Entrepreneurs via Video Conference

Sixty nine percent of U.S. entrepreneurs start their businesses at home, and cash flow trouble is the reason for 82 percent of failed businesses. One company is trying to addressed both of these realities faced by small startups. 2UP Technologies wants to bring entrepreneurs and investors together with live video from anywhere — including their homes — on their Pitch Investors Live app.

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The goal for Pitch Investor Live is two-fold. First, the app creators want to connect angel investors with startups no matter where they are. Using the app, investors can screen entrepreneurial teams and view as they are screened by other investors and experts. If the investor is interested in a particular pitch, he or she can use the app to communicate with live video.

The second objective is to educate startups, investors and other entrepreneurs by allowing them to watch the videos for every pitch. The app allows direct messaging to investors and other entrepreneurs for private discussions, recording, as well as Q&A sessions with coaches, mentors and investors.

Pitch Investors Live App Connects Investors with Entrepreneurs via Video Conference

Matt Lally, CEO of 2UP Technology, Inc., said in a prepared statement, “We understand the hard work it takes to make an idea a reality.” Everyone with a small business can probably agree with that statement. Lally goes on to say, the app is a platform for networking with investors and like-minded entrepreneurs by providing critical opportunities to connect.

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The trouble with getting funding is only three states get the lion’s share of the capital. The National Venture Capital Association has revealed 75 percent of venture money goes to California, New York and Massachusetts. This leaves 25 percent for the remaining 47 states. Pitch Investors Live may not get all the money out of those three states, but it will give entrepreneurs access to capital no matter where they are.

You can get the app for free on all iOS devices.

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  1. If they can get lots of people on board, the app will be really valuable for it will help you connect with tons of investors or entrepreneurs in just one platform.

  2. Interesting. I am wondering if this can be done in other niches as well.

    • Hi Ivan,
      I can definitely see applications in different niches. One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and investors, as well researchers, artists, NGOs, and others is bringing both sides together. This is a great start.

  3. Since it is live, does this mean that it will be harder to have conversation if you like in a different timezone?

  4. Hi BizEpic,
    The different time zones will be an issue, but entrepreneurs wake up at all hours of the night to do business with other people around the world. However, the recording capability of the app can be used to go over conversations between investors and entrepreneurs.