Talent Gap Puts Small Private Practice Doctors Offices in Tough Hiring Position

Small Business Healthcare Recruiting Trends

One thing threatening the future of health care at the local level is a private practice’s ability to attract top talent.

Small Business Healthcare Recruiting Trends

Without nurses and the staff needed to run a small doctor’s office, it’s more likely that the healthcare landscape will continue to shift to larger companies. The one “positive” is that it’s not just small businesses that are struggling to find qualified nurses.

“There is a severe nursing talent gap across all markets, so it’s no surprise to see the demand with small businesses in the U.S.,” said Indeed SVP and head of HR, Paul Wolfe.

Nurses of all kinds are right now the most in-demand small business healthcare jobs, according to data from Indeed.

Registered nurses (RNs) are the most in-demand profession right now. Then there are Nursing Assistants, the second most in-demand small business healthcare job. Nurse Practitioners (4th), LPNs or Licensed Practical Nurses (5th), Medical Assistants (9th), and Directors of Nursing (10th) all made the top 10 list, too.

Private Practices Also Need Doctors

Physicians, from just general Physicians, Family Medicine Physicians, and Internal Medicine Physicians are in demand at private practices.

Indeed calculated the number of postings for healthcare job titles for businesses with less than 200 employees for the last year.

Wolf says, “Private practices are a large part of the small business healthcare landscape and are in constant need of high skilled positions that often require an advanced degree.”

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  1. Yes. Top talent would always go to the public hospitals because of the opportunities and the variety of cases.