This Business is Cashing in on the Coming Eclipse

The Takeaway from Solar Eclipse Business Opportunities

Can an event that lasts less than three minutes make an impact on your business? One Tennessee company is counting on it. And your business could potentially do the same.

The event in question is the total solar eclipse, which will take place on August 21. And American Paper Optics in Bartlett, Tennessee has been planning for this moment for years.

The company specializes in making 3D glasses. And it can use many of the same processes and materials to make special “eclipse glasses” that allow people to safely view the eclipse through solar filters.

The Takeaway from Solar Eclipse Business Opportunities

This special product makes a lot of sense for the company. But even if your small business doesn’t make a product that so naturally lends itself to a special event like a solar eclipse, you could potentially take advantage of the upcoming event in a similar way.

Maybe you have a restaurant with an outdoor space that offers a great view of the sky. You could offer an eclipse package for the day for those who want a great view. Or you could put together informational packets with some branded materials, or even host a party at your office.

And there’s no reason to wait for a solar eclipse. Almost any special rare event, from your town’s 200th anniversary to an important scientific discovery or innovation the whole world is watching, could provide an opportunity.

Create a website with important facts and updates as they arise for those interested on the web. Launch a special product or service — perhaps a special dish at your restaurant — in honor of the event. You’ll keep your business top of mind and turn already existing excitement into extra revenue for you!

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