Charcoal Ice Cream Shows How Unique Products Can Garner Social Media Buzz

Charcoal Ice Cream Shows How Unique Products Can Garner Social Media Buzz as a Viral Campaign

If you’ve seen any ice cream posts on Instagram lately, you might have noticed some that have a bit of a dark side. That’s because the latest trend in soft serve is black ice cream. And it’s taking social media by storm.

Los Angeles based ice cream store Little Damage is the business behind all of the social media posts. The ice cream gets its color from activated charcoal. And it also comes with a black waffle cone.

Upon ordering this unique creation, most customers snap a photo and then proceed to post it on Instagram or similar platforms. Then, more potential customers see those photos and decide to visit the business to see what all the fuss is about.

First I eat the ice cream and then I do the things. @little.damage

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Soul Food ? #littledamage

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A Viral Campaign Idea that Can Be Used Again and Again

It’s an increasingly popular model that more and more businesses are taking advantage of, especially for businesses that target young consumers. So the next time your small business is considering a new product or promotion, think about what you can offer that might make your products stand out or appeal to social media users. This could be anything from a unique color combination to an in-store photo booth that customers can use to show off their new purchases. You might just have the next viral campaign on your hands.

Image: Little Damage

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  1. I had a taste of this and it tastes amazing. I guess consumers are now more adventurous in their choices.

    • I agree about some consumers being more adventurous — I’ve never tried this ice cream though!

  2. The charcoal ice cream is fancy. I like it and so did most of the millennials.

  3. The color is unique and the taste may be unique too. No wonder it got a lot of attention.