NoCRM focuses on Sales Over Customer Relationships

You Don't Need a CRM? NoCRM focuses on Leads over Customer Management

A new app is turning the world of Customer Relationship Management on its head. But the goal is to develop a tool prioritizing sales instead of treating it as an afterthought of the customer relationship.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system manages and analyzes customer interactions and uses the data to improve those customer relationships — eventually leading to sales. But sales come last, whereas is trying to make sales come first.

You Don’t Need a CRM?

The company says the app has been designed to simplify and improve the way small businesses manage the sales process. It does this by focusing on lead management with a tool designed around the way sales professionals work.

This cloud solution is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) with plug and play features which don’t require any set-up. And once it is up and running, it uses its Lead Clipper feature, advanced prospecting, conversation tracking and image recognition to capture information. This information is captured from sources such as spreadsheets, LinkedIn, business cards and more.

The app then brings all of these data points together with a global view of the sales pipeline in one place. The information is presented in successive pages with the different stages of the pipeline along with all the relevant information for finalizing the deal.

You Don't Need a CRM? NoCRM focuses on Leads over Customer Management

The app also ensures the continuity of the sales cycle by keeping you in touch with prospects so opportunities are never missed.

You Don't Need a CRM? NoCRM focuses on Leads over Customer Management

Who is For?

The company says the app is for small businesses with 1 to 500 employees looking to covert leads into deals with a proactive sales approach. And the pricing structure reflects this segment.

If you want to try for your small business, you can take it for a spin for a 15 day trial without a credit card. The pay models are available without a contract for $10 and $17 per month per user for the starter and expert edition respectively.


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