10 Tips for Using New Technology to Benefit Your Business

What You Need to Know About Continuous Delivery

Technology is constantly changing the way businesses operate. And while that’s a good thing, it can also be a bit tough for small business owners to keep up. But members of the online small business community know what it’s like to work with changing technology. Here are some tips they’ve shared for keeping up.

Learn How and Why to Build a Chatbot for Your Business

Some businesses could benefit from using chatbots for certain functions like customer service. But it’s important to understand how exactly to use the technology before getting started. Marcia Riefer Johnston shares the how and why in this Content Marketing Institute post.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Sell Your Business

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Segment Your Audience to Chase Conversions

If you want to make more sales for your business, segmenting your audience using your CRM or similar tools can provide a major boost. In this Kissmetrics post, Anthony Capetola explains why you’re missing out if you’re not already segmenting your audience to increase conversions.

Make Use of Virtual Data Rooms

Protecting your data should be a top priority for pretty much every small business owner. And Virtual Data Rooms offer a unique opportunity to keep data safe in the cloud. Ivan Widjaya elaborates in this SMB CEO post.

Improve the Security of Your Small Business

Additionally, there are a number of other security methods you should consider to keep both your business’s physical and virtual property protected. Sage Singleton lists some of those methods in this post on the CorpNet blog.

Don’t Fall for These Online Marketing Shams

When hiring marketing agencies or professionals for your business, you need to be aware of some of the shams out there so you don’t end up wasting valuable time and resources. In this Strella Social Media post, Rachel Strella details some of the most common types of shams. And BizSugar members share thoughts on the post here.

Learn to Use SEO in the Machine Learning World

Machine learning can provide some major benefits to businesses. But it can also complicate things when it comes to SEO. Learn more about using SEO in the machine learning world in this Search Engine Journal post by Dave Davies.

Use These Lead Nurturing Emails

Through all the technological advances in recent years, email remains a powerful way for businesses to communicate with customers and prospects. If you’re looking to nurture leads by email, take a look at the examples in this SUCCESS Agency blog post by Mary Blackiston.

Prioritize Your Data Mining

With so much data out there for businesses to take in, it can be difficult to know where exactly to start. But having a strong starting point is paramount, as Stephen H. Yu outlines in this Target Marketing post. He also shares some tips for making informed data decisions.

Build Web Traffic with Pinterest

Social media platforms like Pinterest have had a major impact on how people communicate and how businesses market their products and services. For more tips on how you can use Pinterest to gain more traffic to your website or blog, check out this MyBlogU post by Ann Smarty.

Increase Engagement Using These Facebook Marketing Tips

Of course, Facebook is another social media platform that is evolving rapidly with new technology. To keep engagement high, check out these tips from Rebekah Radice. Then see what BizSugar members are saying about the post here.

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  1. A lot of people do not take advantage of Pinterest, when in fact it is really helpful when you really want to promote your website.

  2. You have to be diligent in looking at different technologies and then finding the ones that are most useful to you.

  3. People use Pinterest to discover and save ideas. Facebook Marketing is the best idea. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool.

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