Pinterest Pinstyle Report Gives Small Boutiques and Beauty Salons Trendy Post Ideas

2017 Pinstyle Report from Pinterest Gives Small Boutiques and Beauty Salons Plenty of Trendy Post Ideas

If you’re in the fashion or beauty industry, you know keeping on top of trends is what keeps customers coming through the door. But knowing what’s popular at any given moment can be difficult.

That’s where the 2017 Pinstyle Report may be helpful. The report details the top searches on the site for these two specific industries.

Use Data to Reach Your Customers

Pinterest says its users are looking at the site to help build their personal style. So businesses offering products in the fashion or beauty market can use the report to figure out what most Pinterest users are looking for on the platform.

What’s more, savvy marketers can use the data to determine how best to present their products based on popular searches already going on.

For example, small businesses selling products like scarves and leggings might create posts on how to wear these products since this seems to be the context in which most Pinterest users at the moment are searching.

On the other hand, small businesses selling formal wear intended for weddings, concerts and other special events might wish to post content aimed at another set of users.  These are potential customers already seeking information on what to wear to such occasions. And interest in these types of products on the platform is currently also quite high.

Finally, small business owners can simply use this information to get noticed on Pinterest. For example, you could use the information to create strong pin captions on highly popular topics to help you gain more exposure and drive sales.

Here’s a quick look at the main highlights of the study.

2017 Pinstyle Report

Top How-To Searches

In the how to wear category, top searches included:

  • Leggings
  • Boyfriend jeans
  • Distress jeans
  • Booties
  • Scarves
  • White
  • A maxi skirt
  • A bralette
  • High waisted denim
  • Overalls

In the what to wear category, top searches include:

  • To a wedding
  • To a concert
  • On a plane
  • To work
  • To an interview
  • On a date

In the how-to category, top searches were for these topics:

  • Curl your hair
  • Curl short hair
  • Contour your face
  • Style short hair
  • Clean makeup brushes
  • Curl hair with a flat iron
  • Cut bangs
  • Do eyebrows
  • Apply eyeshadow

Top style searches included:

  •  Street
  •  Bohemian
  •  Hippie
  •  Classic
  •  Hijab
  •  Grunge
  •  French
  •  Preppy
  •  Casual

Top searches for dress outfits include:

  •  Maxi
  •  Shift
  •  Midi
  •  T-shirt
  •  Slip

Pinners also looked for denim outfits by cut, color and style. Searches included:

Top cuts

  • Boyfriend
  • High waisted
  • Skinny
  • Mom
  • Flare

Top colors

  • Black
  • White

Top styles

  • Ripped
  • Jean jacket
  • Jean on jean
  • Denim dress

Top searches for outerwear include:

  • Leather jacket
  • Bomber jacket
  • Jean jacket (including oversized, blue, white and patches)
  • Green jacket
  • Camo jacket

Beauty Searches include

  • Short
  • Pixie
  • Bob

Top searches in hair colors

  •  Ombre
  •  Balayage
  •  Blonde
  •  Brown
  •  Red
  •  Black
  •  Purple

Top searches in hairstyles

  • Braided
  • Curly

Top searches in nails

  • Matte
  • Black
  • White
  • Nude

Top searches on eyes

  • Smoky
  • Winged eyeliner
  • Eye makeup for eye color (blue, green, brown and hazel)
  • Hooded eye makeup
  • Gold eye makeup
  • Glitter eyeshadow

Top searches on lips

  • Matte
  • Red
  • Dark
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Nude
  • Purple

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