24 Business Review Sites to Help Monitor Your Online Reputation

24 Business Review Sites to Help Monitor Your Online Reputation

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Contemporary consumers regularly use review sites online to read reviews and testimonials about a company to determine whether a firm is worthy of their business. Consequently, if you run any kind of business, it is within your interest to have a quality online reputation.

Online reputation management (ORM) involves identifying, monitoring and influencing your credibility and reputation online. Review sites provide a platform for enabling small business owners to influence and trace their online credibility.

Monitor Your Online Rep With These Business Review Sites

If you’re a small business owner looking to monitor and influence your reputation online, the following 24 business review sites could be a good place to start.


24 Business Review Sites to Help Monitor Your Online Reputation - Which?

Which? is an independent consumer review site which reviews services and products and then writes and shares the reviews. Managing to have commendable reviews written about your products or services on Which? can go a long way in generating a sound and credible online reputation.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a crucial review and listing portal for businesses and can be an important tool in garnering a credible online reputation. If you list your company on Google My Business your business will be adequately optimized for local search results. Local Google+ pages which are verified are able to respond to reviews.


If you operate a home improvement business, listing your services on HomeAdvisor and managing to collect quality reviews is likely to positively impact your business. All reviews placed on HomeAdvisor go through an extensive screening and are verified by the site’s moderators.


ConsumerReports runs impartial tests to recommend products. Given the unbiased nature of the reviews on ConsumerReports, all positive evaluations on the site are exceptionally sought-after for businesses, significantly boosting online reputation.


TrustRadius is an online review source designed for software businesses. Adding to the credibility of TrustRadius is the fact that all reviewers are authenticated via LinkedIn. This enables users to view what their connections on LinkedIn say about their business and software products.


With a free business listing on YellowPages, this online yellow pages enables businesses to manage the reviews placed on the site about their company. YellowPages is committed to helping local businesses grow through local marketing and reviews.


Yelp is not just a site that allows users to write reviews and testimonials about local businesses but it trains companies on how to respond to business reviews. Being able to respond to reviews effectively, Yelp can be a vital source for businesses to manage their online credibility and reputation.


24 Business Review Sites to Help Monitor Your Online Reputation - PlanetRate

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PlanetRate enables customers to write reviews on businesses of all industries. Businesses can register on PlanetRate and actively collect reviews. Users can write in-depth analyses of companies on PlanetRate. Any positive feedback on this leading review site can have an influence on how consumers perceive your business.


TestFreaks have collected more than 30 million ratings and reviews of products. If you’re looking to improve your online reviews, TestFreaks can help you proactively collect and write positive reviews of your products and services.


If you run a restaurant business, registering on OpenTable will enable customers to make reservations and reviews about your restaurant. Restaurants are given a star rating on OpenTable based on the number of reviews and the percentage of people who recommend the restaurant. Naturally, the higher the review rating, the better a restaurant’s credibility and online reputation.


Foursquare comprises of a check-in feature, as well as a rating and ‘tips’ portal designed for customers visiting the site. Companies that sign up for Foursquare for Business can take advantage of user analytics. Businesses can also add their own tips to Foursquare and make customer reward offers.

Amazon Customer Reviews

24 Business Review Sites to Help Monitor Your Online Reputation - Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon has been allowing consumers to post reviews about products since 1995. Garnering a string of positive reviews on this leading online retailer can significantly impact a business’s product credibility and reputation.

Salesforce AppExchange

Users of Salesforce AppExchange rate businesses through a five-star rating system. Businesses with a Salesforce AppExchange app can keep track of the rating and reviews of their app with efficiency, enabling them to monitor their online reviews with ease.


Trustpilot allows businesses to generate a profile page and encourage customers to leave reviews. For a higher level paid membership fee, businesses can send customizable review invitations and share their reviews and ratings on social media.


Glassdoor users can search reviews and ratings of more than 600,000 businesses around the world. Employees can also share what it is like to work for a company on Glassdoor. With candid and honest reviews about a business’s services, products and what it is like to work for, Glassdoor can be an invaluable source for enhancing a business’s reputation.

Judy’s Book

24 Business Review Sites to Help Monitor Your Online Reputation - Judy’s Book

List your business on Judy’s Book and benefit from being able to post customer testimonials on social media, in emails and other marketing platforms. Businesses paying for membership on Judy’s Book can also take advantage of a free mobile listing.


If a Twitter user posts negative or positive tweets about your company, such comments can be seen by other Twitter users or when someone searches for reviews on your business. With this in mind, Twitter can inadvertently act as a potentially important review portal for your business.


The Expresit app is a valuable source for business owners to monitor and manage their online reputation as only positive reviews get published on the site. Any negative evaluations get sent back to the business, allowing them to deal with the complaint or issue privately.

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau (BBB) prides itself on being an ethical marketplace that allows individuals to recommend businesses. Businesses listed on BBB have a company bio, as well as a rating from A – F. As BBB is a review site built on trust, credible rating can significantly boost a business’ online status.


24 Business Review Sites to Help Monitor Your Online Reputation - TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a leading review platform for businesses in the hotel, travel, restaurant, airline or entertainment industries. Customers share honest reviews of hotels and other establishments connected to the travel industry. Given the fact that TripAdvisor has collected more than 225 million reviews, it with within every businesses interest to generate positive reviews on one of the largest travel sites in existence.

Facebook Ratings and Reviews

Facebook is much more than a social media portal to share posts. The hugely popular social media site provides a place for followers to leave testimonials about your business. Facebook Ratings & Reviews enables customers to leave reviews about a business page and choose a star rating.

Angie’s List

Due to the fact those publishing reviews have to pay a membership fee, Angie’s List is regarded as a credible review site in which the reviews are typically well thought-out. Reviews cannot be from anonymous sources on Angie’s List, which again, adds to the credibility of the evaluations posted on the site. Businesses can set up a page on Angie’s List for free where customers can leave reviews.

G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd is a valuable review site for businesses that sell software. Businesses are ranked on a five-star scale. With more than 37,000 consumers heading to G2 Crowd each month to read reviews and buy software, having quality testimonials on G2 Crowd can directly influence consumers’ buying decisions.


24 Business Review Sites to Help Monitor Your Online Reputation - VendOp

Customers can search for vendors of a particular industry and specification on VendOp. The site provides a portal for consumers to share their experiences with other customers. Users can search reviews by ratings, service and location with ease on VendOp. For businesses, VendOp can act as an important portal for improving their services and credibility.

Have we missed any? If you have experience successfully utilizing review sites to improve your business’s online credibility and reputation, we’d love to hear about your business review site experiences.

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  1. I think that it is important not to get too caught up with your reputation and just focus on serving your existing customers.

  2. I think it is important to know about what your customer thinks about you. But you should not obsess over it.

  3. These are great. I think that Google also takes reviews into consideration nowadays.

  4. Yes, putting your customer’s first comes first but my experience has been that reviews help drive traffic. I actually came upon this site from an email that ended up in my company inbox telling me I had a bad review. Of course it was someone sending me to their review HUB software, but for a moment I was a little spooked. We have great reviews for the most part and we try to keep it that way by providing excellent customer service.
    To reply to the comment above, yes Google does take reviews into consideration but they probably give Google reviews precedence over other review sites.

  5. I personally think the online brand reputation is an important reason for our website visitors to take a decision. Knowing which platform to use is another important point as depending on the business, some clients rely on reviews posted on a platform over others.
    In the travel industry I believe most of the visitors before sending even an inquiry tend to search the past clients reviews on tripadvidor .

  6. Great post you have to shared here. It is very useful and informative. thank you.

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