10 Tips for Developing an Effective Amazon Advertising Strategy for Your Small Business

10 Tips to Developing a Great Amazon Advertising Strategy

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If you’re a small business owner, one method of driving traffic you may not have considered is Amazon advertising.  Creating a brand experience on Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) can be an important route to success. Here are 10 tips for developing a great Amazon advertising strategy.

Amazon Advertising Strategy Tips

Explore Manual and Automatic Targeting Options

There are choices for your Amazon advertising campaign right off the top. Manual Targeting places your ad when a customer searches for your keywords. More adventuresome types will opt for letting Amazon place your ads based on customer searches matching your product info. This Automatic Targeting casts the net wider.

Be Consistent

You need to be sure the message that you’re getting out is the same across the ads you run. Choices include product category, brand or top seller. Mix them up and you might wind up repeating ads by mistake according to Sellics.com

Start Small

There’s a tendency to jump right in with Amazon advertising and start with a big spend. Don’t. David McLean, Founder, CEO at Etailytics.com, suggest $100 dollars. He says comparing the data between ads helps to define future spends.

Harvest the Data

Amazon advertising allows you to gather data to see what’s working and what can be scrapped. The Search Term Report for Sponsored Products will give you everything you need. Experts suggest you let the numbers ferment for about 7 days before looking at them.

Take Time with Your Titles

GoDataFeed suggests that you don’t forget about the basics when you’re writing the titles you’ll use. The longer and more specific ones differentiate you from the shorter generic types. Longer titles have more search terms embedded and that means more chances to get found.

Carefully Select Keywords

Less is more. You don’t have to cover all the bases. However you want to say it, you should be very specific with the keywords you pick. The closer to your actual product listing the better. Making sure they are relevant is a great yardstick to use.

Choose Headline Search Ads

These are one of the best options since they blend brand and category searches together. There’s a customized text headline at the top and several products listed below for added advertising punch. Web talent marketing writes another advantage are the four url types you can send your clicks to.

Test Send Times for Email

Email is important to any Amazon advertising strategy. Sending them at the right time can blast your ROI through the roof. Remember, email marketing adds over 10 cents in revenue with each email. Go back to your Search Term Report and get the data you need to decide when to send test emails.

Take Advantage of Amazon Ratings and Reviews

There’s still nothing like word of mouth, even when it’s in cyberspace. Amazon has long been a leader in prioritizing customer reviews. Small business needs to take advantage of this and use it as as an advertising tactic.

Don’t Forget Video

Finally, you can’t afford to overlook all the great things that happen when you use video and text together. Amazon video adds allow you to target videos across websites, mobile apps, desktop, tablets and even smartphones.

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  1. Selling on Amazon is profitable only when you stand out. This is the reason why advertising is very important. Thanks for the tips.

  2. These are really great tips. In fact, I think that you can use some of these for more than just Amazon. You can use it for any type of business you have.