Animoto Renews Commitment to Small Businesses After 10 Years and 20 Million Users

Animoto Celebrates 10 Years and 20 Million Business Users

Animoto, the company that makes video creation and editing fairly straightforward, is celebrating 10 years since it first launched its video creation platform.

Animoto Celebrates 10 Years

Over the years, the platform has garnered more than 20 million registered users from about 175 countries and the 10 year anniversary comes at a time when Animoto seems to be making excellent strides in meeting its customers’ needs — many of them small businesses. There have also been some significant updates along the way making the platform even more useful to these businesses.

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When Animoto launched in 2007, the platform only converted photos into engaging video slideshows, but in recent years, the company expanded its product, releasing new pre-built storyboard starter templates, more text and font options and released the square video output. The new platform is aimed at helping small businesses succeed in the sound-off, auto-play video landscape that has dominated social media newsfeeds.

“The world has changed a lot in the last 10 years, and it comes as no surprise to most marketers that today their customers are living on social media. Video has proven to be the most effective way to connect with these customers,” Animoto Chief Video Officer and co-founder Jason Hsiao said in a press release. “Our Marketing Video Builder was designed to capitalize on this behavioral shift by empowering today’s marketer to participate in the conversations on social media through the power of video.”

Creating marketing videos using the platform is pretty easy. The pricing is also quite friendly to small businesses as it ranges from between $8 per month and $34 per month. Over 1 million businesses have used the platform to create marketing videos.

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  1. WOW ! Hard to believe it’s been 10 years already ! LOVE Animoto, always have !

    Used it many times over the years to help promote many local small businesses,
    and it helped a LOT of local businesses get SEEN and CHOSEN online.

    Here’s one of my early favorites

  2. I love Animoto. It is nice to know that it is now more business-centric.

  3. Animoto is great. It is one of the first tools I used to make video and it continued to improve since then.