82 Percent of Users Want to Know Why Your Business App Is Requesting Personal Information

82 Percent of Users Concerned With App Privacy, Want Clear Reasons Behind Apps’ Information Requests

For mobile app users, security is top priority and this is something you need to know when developing an app for your small business.

App Privacy Concern

For example, 82 percent of users want clear reasons why your business app is requesting their personal information , a new study has found. If you’re asking someone using your mobile app to give you their location and other private data, you had better be prepared to come up with a good reason why.

Safety of Personal Information Important to Users

According to the report by B2B ratings and reviews firm Clutch, emphasizing security is especially crucial if your app requires sensitive financial information, such as bank account numbers.

A large number of respondents (76 percent) said the safety of their personal information was very important to them.

Users Prefer Shorter Onboarding Process

Mobile users also don’t want to spend too much time getting started.

The report revealed nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of respondents thought the app onboarding process should take 60 seconds or less. In fact, the more time participants had to spend providing information, the more frustrated they became.

Focus on Data Security and Faster Onboarding to Win Customers

As the report shows, building a secure interface should be high on every business owner’s list of priorities.

It’s also important to emphasize app privacy to assure users their information is absolutely safe and gain their confidence. Take the PayPal app, for instance. Users get a prompt notification, informing them their account details will be protected by the company.

“Laying out the technical specifics… won’t actually make people feel as secure as they should feel,” said Jordan DeVries, director of UX and UX/UI firm Brave UX. “Rather, the sense of security is much more of a long play.”

To boost user experience, it’s also important to reduce the onboarding time. The study shows if users become impatient during a key moment like onboarding, they’re more likely to “churn” — to stop using the app.

A faster, easy-to-navigate user interface can help businesses keep their users engaged.

Clutch surveyed 501 individuals across the United States who have installed and subsequently used an app requiring set up of an account within the past three months.

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  1. Hey Shubhomita, nice info shared with us. People are very well aware with the scams happening outside, especially online scams. They are spending too much time online and expect that they must get secured while purchasing products and services. Hence, instead of asking user’s personal info, business app owners try to offer the best services with data security.

  2. I think that they want to know this because they want to know how the information will be used. There are so many companies gathering information only to be sold for market research purposes.

  3. Just put yourself in the shoe of your customer. You are asking for their personal information. It is only natural for them to ask why.

  4. I agree. I think that the customers have the right to know where you are going to use the information.