Create a Brand Style Guide for Your Small Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

Create a Brand Style Guide for Your Small Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

Maintaining a distinct look consistently across your communication is important if you want to differentiate your brand. And to create visually consistent look and feel, you need to have a few guidelines in place. That’s where a brand style guide comes into play.

But creating a brand style guide can be tricky for small businesses. What should your logo and its variations look like? Which marketing colors should you choose? What should you keep in mind when you select photographs?

A new infographic by Maryland-based content creation tool Visme provides detailed explanation on how your small business can create a brand style guide.

Create a Brand Style Guide for Your Small Business

The infographic highlights the need for the style guide to convey everything about your brand.

What does your brand solve for your clients? How do you want your clients to perceive your brand? What about your brand makes your clients happy? These are some of the fundamental questions that need to be answered first.

The second part includes all the visual aspects of your brand. This encompasses all the logo variations, color palettes, fonts and typography and visuals database for use.

For practical purposes, it’s also important to include a “good practices” guideline. This will showcase “how” and “how not to” use the logos — and provide quick instructions to the designers.

Most importantly, make sure to include the contact numbers and emails of the person in charge of managing the style guide.

Visual style guides cannot be created overnight. There’s a lot of strategic thought and insight that goes into making a comprehensive style guide. The amount of time and work you put into building a style guide will help you connect more strongly with your audience.

To learn more, check out the infographic from Visme below:

Create a Brand Style Guide for Your Small Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

Images: Visme

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  1. Having recognizable and consistent branding style makes your company more professional. Especially when it comes to those elements that clients will notice first.

    Thanks for sharing the infographic Shubhomita, it sums up all most important elements of branding style, it’s good to have them all on one place.