Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Should Be Viable Small Business Tool

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

With battery issues hopefully behind it, Samsung introduced the new Galaxy Note 8 at an Unpacked event on Wednesday.

The new version has some big advancements that should make it a viable business tool for small businesses. The Galaxy Note 7 — and others before it — was a popular business tool and has a loyal following.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Shows Viability for Small Business Use

Samsung’s President of Mobile Communication, DJ Koh, mentioned the loyal Samsung fans during the event.

“Their passion has been our deepest inspiration,” he said at the Unpacked event.

Most notable for small business users is the massive size of the new Galaxy Note 8. It’s got a 6.3-inch screen (with virtually no bezel). That’s one of the biggest devices on the market and the biggest of all the Note devices before it.

Inside, it’s not short on hardware and software that’s designed for using a phone as a business tool, either.

It’s essentially got the power of a regular computer or laptop with 6GB of memory and a mobile gaming processor. That allows for more seamless multi-tasking and running two apps at once without having to make a big deal about it. And Galaxy Note 8 is loaded with 64GB of storage for apps and more, so it will take a while before you have to start deleting the non-essential ones (games) on your phone. A MicroSD card slot is available for extra storage, too.

Phone to Computer

The Galaxy Note 8 employs a new technology, SamsungDEX, that allows you to move the work on your phone to your computer workstation. Start a document on your phone and finish it on your laptop. Snap a photo in the evening with its wide-angle lens camera while you’re out and make some final touches on your desktop before you share it with social media followers.

The device is also loaded with the Samsung voice assistant, Bixby. It enables Quick Commands that perform a variety of simple functions at once.

Say “good night” to set the do not disturb and your alarm all at once.

Galaxy Note 8 also features the S-Pen again. That enhanced stylus device has been updated with some new translation features, too. It will also automatically convert foreign measurements and currencies.

Durable and Safe

With security (especially of your smartphone) at the top of your priorities, the Galaxy Note 8 seems to be on the cusp of current and newer security features. It has an iris, face, and fingerprint scanner to thwart any unwanted access.

And, the device is water resistant.

It will be available in September in stores and you can pre-order now. At first check, the Galaxy Note is available outright from AT&T for $950 and it’s $10 more through Verizon Wireless.

Images: Samsung Mobile

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  1. I love the Galaxy Note Series. I have been using my note for years now and it is still very fast. I am excited to see what changed in the Note 8.

  2. Hey so minor (or maybe not so minor) point I’d like to point out: For those ordering online, beware that 2013’s Galaxy Note 8.0 (mini tablet, 8 inches in size, hence the name) is obviously not the smartphone that’s going to be available next month. The chances of someone accidentally ordering the mini tablet from 4 years ago and thinking it’s the phone is small, but still, I feel I should say something. I’m a Samsung Galaxy Note Nerd and proud of it.