Laurel and Wolf Connects Small Interior Design Businesses with Customers Via Crowdsourcing

Laurel and Wolf Introduces Crowdsourced Interior Design

A new platform is offering small interior graphic designers an opportunity to connect with customers via crowdsourcing. As a trend, crowdsourcing has been offering a variety of businesses this same opportunity. From 99 Designs for graphic designers to Upwork for freelancers there are a growing number of options. Now you have Laurel & Wolf for interior designers.

Crowdsourced Interior Design

The company’s founder Leura Fine got the idea for her business from looking at what startups in some other industries had done. She thought applying the same type of concept to interior design could make the process easier for consumers while also making it easier for interior designers to scale their businesses.

Here’s how it works. Users go online and answer questions about their project, upload photos of their space and even include some of the items they want to incorporate into the design. Then they can choose a designer from the more than 800 on the platform. Designers provide a rendering of their design with a fully executable shopping list to help the customer bring the design to life. Or they can even order everything directly through Laurel & Wolf.

For interior designers, this crowdsourced interior design platform offers a unique opportunity to connect with customers and provide design services to them in a quick and efficient way.

Laurel & Wolf’s story also brings to light how concepts from other industries can help entrepreneurs build unique niches in their own area of expertise. For Fine, this meant applying crowdsourcing and an online platform to interior design. But you could also apply similar concepts to areas like fashion or architecture. Building a place for businesses to connect with customers online and share ideas so that customers can make informed decisions is something that could benefit both customers and companies in a lot of different niches.

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