2 of 3 Managed Service Providers Not Offering Adequate Cybersecurity Support

Cybersecurity at MSPs Inadequate at 2 Out of 3 Providers

Security has become the one issue everyone must deal with in the connected world we live in. For small businesses who are coming under increasing attack, it is even more pressing. A new survey report from Kaspersky Lab only increases this anxiety, as it reports two-in-three managed service providers (MSPs) are suffering from a shortage of qualified cybersecurity staff.

Demand for security services from MSPs is growing, and small businesses are making up the bulk of customers for these companies. The report, titled, “MSP: Trends, Challenges and the Keys to Success in Managed Security in 2017” provides some key data points small businesses can use.

Cybersecurity at MSPs

According to Kaspersky Lab, 92 percent of MSPs are working in the cybersecurity field, while at the same time revealing a shortage of qualified professionals. This shortage was communicated by two-thirds of MSPs serving small businesses and large enterprises, at 58 and 60 percent respectively.

The report goes on to say 51 percent of MSPs are facing issues with remote deployment, while 54 percent said they faced difficulties with management. For a small business fully relying on a MSP for its security services, these are worrisome numbers.

When it comes to threats, MSPs said ransomware protection is on top for both large and small customers. Fifty four percent of MSPs with enterprise customer stated this was the case, while 49 percent said it was true for smaller customers. 

What Does The Data Reveal?

For MSPs, the data points out they have to do their due diligence in selecting cybersecurity products they can easily manage. With fewer qualified personnel, the cybersecurity company MSPs choose, whether it be Kaspersky or someone else, has to deliver comprehensive end-to-end solutions that can be managed easily.

For small businesses, it also means doing the necessary due diligence of the MSP by finding out what cybersecurity company it uses, checking references, and the service level agreements (SLAs) it provides.

As cybersecurity services continues to make up more of the offering MSP’s provide, they can ill afford security breaches to the customers they protect. Vladimir Zapolyansky, head of SMB business at Kaspersky Lab, didn’t mince words when he said, “One damaging incident such as ransomware infection can undermine their reputation and affect relationships with customers.”

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  1. This is true. I think that it is very important to consider cybersecurity especially if you are serious about having a business online.