New Fitness App Suggests a Niche Your Small Business Could Help Fill

Exercise App Exposes New Fitness App Ideas and Opportunities

Imagine a product designed to keep people motivated while working out by giving them incentives to continue. A system called Cycflix does this in a really unique way. It offers motivation and a reward system and includes something people really value — getting their daily dose of Netflix.

Ronan Byrne is the creator of Cycflix, which is currently available on Instructables. It’s not a business yet– just a project you can download and set up on your computer if you’re so inclined. But it does identify a unique niche in the fitness industry.

What’s more anyone who has ever struggled with working up the motivation to turn off Netflix and head to the gym is a potential Cycflix user — or customer?

The concept works by connecting an Arduino prototyping platform to a stationary bike. A user can then set his or her workout and choose a video from Netflix to watch while exercising. But here’s the trick. The video on Netflix runs only as long as the person using the equipment keeps up the pace. A user can also set resting periods so the system knows when he or she is resting versus just falling behind.

New Fitness App Ideas and Opportunities

There are opportunities for other businesses to take this idea and do something similar. For a business twist, consider an app able to shut down WiFi in your home office unless you take regular breaks to exercise. Or you can come up with your own unique rewards system. But if you can come up with fitness app ideas to actually motivate people to work out, it could be a great business opportunity.

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  1. I love it. It is powered as long as you keep moving. I think office workers could use these as well.

  2. I like this. It encourages people to move in order to watch – I think that we all need that.

  3. I wish they have these on our PCs when we work. It will not work unless we keep moving. But I guess we’ll be tired if they did that.