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Want to Step Up Your Customer Service? You Need to Read This First

The Impact of Customer Service on Customer Experience

No matter what industry you’re in, online reviews are becoming more and more important to business success. The power of customers’ unvarnished opinions means your customer experience [1] has the potential to make or break your business.

The Impact of Customer Service on Customer Experience

A quick scan of the average business’s online reviews will show that it’s not all about — or even mostly about — the product or service your company provides. It’s really about the customer service. The most delicious restaurant meal won’t get a five-star rating if it’s served by an inattentive waiter. Your product won’t get a great review if customers can never get a live person on the phone [2] when they need help setting it up.

Conversely, employees who go above and beyond to make things right have the power to redeem even the worst initial experience. And nothing is more beneficial to your business’s online reputation than a complaining customer who turns into a happy evangelist after you resolve their problem.

If your customer experience [3] is average, it’s nothing to write home — or write a review — about. If it’s terrible, you’ll get scathing reviews; if it’s excellent, you’ll get glowing ones. So how can you ensure more great reviews and fewer negative (or so-so) ones? Pay attention to the customer experience, especially as it relates to your customer service.

One way to improve the customer service experience is to implement a cloud-based call center [4]. Here are some ways putting your call center in the cloud can lead to happier customers.

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