Little Caesars Pizza Portal Provides Inspiration for Business Automation

Little Caesars Pizza Portal Provides Inspiration for Business Automation

Pizza chain Little Caesars just unveiled its new Automated Pizza Portal — a system for ordering and picking up pizza that could provide some inspiration for small business automation.

Instead of the more traditional pizza ordering process, where you call in to place your order then go pick up your pizza from a cashier, the new system allows customers to build their own pizza in an app and then scan a QR code at the restaurant to receive their pizza. So you can essentially make it through the whole process without having to interact with anyone.

Little Caesars isn’t the first business to do something like this. Sprinkles is a bakery chain that has gained notoriety for its “cupcake ATMs” that allow for automated cupcake purchases.

This type of automation can help businesses save time and money while also making the buying process easier for customers. So if your business is looking for ways to improve, there are plenty of different opportunities to do so through automation.

Get Inspired by Little Caesars Pizza Portal

You don’t even have to do anything as dramatic as Little Caesars and Sprinkles. You could simply create an app for customers to quickly order specific menu items from your restaurant. Or you could create an on-demand type of service on your website where customers can access videos and other content on their own schedule. And no matter what type of business you run, automating your social media posts with services like Edgar or Hootsuite creates a great experience for your followers while saving you time.

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