Get Better eCommerce Mobile App Results By Meeting These 3 Customer Needs

Building a Mobile App? Your Customers Want These 3 Mobile App Features More Than Anything

Nearly half of small businesses are expected to adopt a mobile app by 2017 or later. However, about 23 percent of mobile users abandon an app after their first use. The chances of that happening are less, though, if you give consumers what they want in an app.

If you are building or considering building a mobile app, a new study from B2B ratings and reviews firm Clutch shows consumers are looking for features that go beyond just browsing and buying.

Consumers Want Mobile App Features to Go Beyond Browsing and Buying

Clutch surveyed 505 mobile shoppers in the United States to compile its 2017 ecommerce app report. It says mobile commerce is expected to make up 45 percent of the U.S. e-commerce total by 2020.

“With more consumers using e-commerce apps to make purchases, businesses of all sizes can improve customer engagement by offering an app with the features consumers want,” wrote Kristen Herhold, a marketer at Clutch, in the company’s e-commerce app report.

Aside from personalized in-store experience, product recommendations and flexible direct shopping through the app, Clutch found consumers want these three other things more than anything from e-commerce mobile apps:

3 Things Customers Want from eCommerce Mobile Apps

1. Customers Want to Socialize

About 90 percent of mobile shoppers surveyed said they have social networking apps on their phones. Another 41 percent added they are likely to integrate with social media accounts on their apps for easy sharing with friends.

Adding a social aspect to you app allows your mobile customers to connect with others for a more personalized experience. Personalization also includes adding augmented reality features.

“An app that provides a high level of personalization and experience makes your users much happier and more satisfied,” said Dan Healy, Chief Operating Officer of Prolific Interactive, a mobile-focused product agency. “It tends to drive higher return from your most loyal users.”

2. Customers Want Rewards

More than 80 percent of shoppers surveyed admitted they would use an e-commerce app that syncs a business’s loyalty rewards to incentivize them to make purchases.

“Many people often forget to carry their loyalty cards with them, so having this integrated into an app is important,” said Nik Sanghvi, Head of U.S. Sales and Business Development at mobile firm Robosoft Technologies.

3. Customers Want Discounts

The survey also revealed 85 percent of shoppers want discounts on products similar to past purchases. Receiving discounts makes them more likely to use the app. Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) already use their preferred e-commerce apps to receive deals and offers that are only available in the app. And 84 percent of shoppers would buy to receive discounts, and enable push notifications for discounts.

“I think one thing we’ll see going forward is apps will continue to get smarter,” Healy said. “If companies get smart to the point that they can create a personalized experience and are learning about the users, that’s how you drive real loyalty.”

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  1. Hi David, nice to read. eCommerce Mobile App users love rewards, discounts, and social integration. Out of these 3 things, social integration is a must because every user would like to share things he/she likes to the dear ones. An online store owner can also get advantages indirectly as their products are being shared by users.

  2. It is finding out what your customer wants and then filling their needs. It is the basic rule in marketing to customers.