Small Businesses Using iCloud Should Watch Out for New Scam

New Scam Targeting iPhone Users: BBB Alert for Small Businesses

New Scam Targeting iPhone Users: BBB Alert for Small Businesses
If you are a small business person using iCloud or any Apple device like an iPhone or Macbook for business purposes, beware an aggressive new scam is out to get you.

New Scam Targeting iPhone Users: BBB Alert for Small Businesses

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning of a new scam targeting iCloud users across the United States and Canada. Scammers are calling people and claiming that their iCloud accounts have been hacked. This is a new tactic designed to fool people in order to gain their trust and ultimately gain remote access to their computer. It is similar to the classic “tech support scam” where a caller claims to be from a company like Microsoft and says you have a virus.

Allowing a scammer to take over your computer from afar is a big concern, Emily Valla, BBB’s Marketplace Director, said in an interview. It can open you up to the risk of identity theft. Scam artists can install malware that hunts for personal information such as your bank account numbers or records passwords on your computer.

“There’s also an emotional response from losing everything you store in iCloud, including backups of your devices and photos,” Villa added.

How the Scam Works

According to Valla, in many versions the scammers are spoofing caller ID, making it appear like a legitimate company is calling.

“BBB has had a number of reports to the BBB Scam Tracker in recent weeks, and the stories are similar. You get a robocall claiming to be from Apple Support. Your Caller ID may say ‘Apple Inc.’ or the name of your local Apple store. The message informs you that your iCloud account was hacked and prompts you to stay on the line and speak to an Apple support “technician.” If you stay on the line, this “technician” will offer to fix your account. But first, they will need remote access to your computer,” Valla explained.

Some victims have received as many as 10 of these phone calls in one day. BBB says don’t believe Caller ID, and never give a stranger remote access to your computer. The bureau offers more tips on its site on how to protect yourself against these tech support scams. Many of these scams use similar techniques.

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  1. Wow. So now they can also scam people through this. They can get really creative.

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