Microsoft Unveils Beta Version and Wants Your Feedback

Microsoft Unveils Outlook Beta Version and Wants Your Feedback

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) has unveiled a new beta version of, complete with a fresh new design and intelligent features.

Outlook Beta Launched

Microsoft says the new, its free personal email service, is a smarter opt-in web experience. But plenty of business users will find the service helpful too.

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The new beta version of the email service from Microsoft will reportedly give you access to a faster and more personalized email experience and a variety of new features. The company is hoping users will take the opportunity to say what they think.

“Recent advances in programming, design, and artificial intelligence have enabled our engineers and designers to improve the web experience in several areas — and we’re eager to get your feedback,” the Outlook team said in a post on the official Microsoft Office blog.

New Features Introduced in Outlook Beta Version

The most noticeable change in beta is obviously the design. Microsoft has substantially tweaked the design of the web app, making things look cleaner and a lot more modern.

“We’re implementing a more responsive web development framework that delivers an upgraded search feature, a fresher look with a modern conversation style and a new design to let you see, read and attach files and photos faster,” added the Outlook team.

Small businesses may particularly like the new Outlook inbox now with a Quick Suggestions feature, which pops up information about local restaurants, flight details, and more as users type.

Microsoft also says the new will help you give your email communications a personal touch with an easier way to access a variety of expressions, including popular emojis and GIFs right inside Outlook. You will also be able to preview photos and attachments received in your email.

If you are interested in test driving the new beta version of, log in to Outlook and click the “Try the beta” toggle being rolled out to all users in coming weeks. You can switch back to the regular web experience any time from the same place.

Image: Microsoft

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  1. I have tried the Beta and find it a big let down.

    Features such as support for Mail rules seem to have disappeared. I can’t even find where it is now. I normally use the right click option and then build a rule for a new email.

    Right click options have been reduced and Save to OneNote is no longer there, as well as the afore-mentioned Create Rule.

    Drag and Drop from Inbox to Folder ONLY works when the target folder is visible. Current version will automatically scroll down if the target folder is not visible when the cursor is moved to the bottom but new version does not.

    I’d rather have functionality than a fresh new look that removes things.

    If this Beta becomes the new standard, I will switch to another client like Gmail.

    I’ve been on Outlook for about 18 months and have seen some features disappear over that time gradually but and certainly not impressed with the new BETA.

  2. Lloyd Patrick Gagne

    I tried the web based BETA version. I will be switching back to the previous version. In the older version, when I composing an email I could click on the BCC tab and this would give me a list of my contacts. In the BETA version, this happens only occasionally. This problem needs to be fixed. If the BETA version becomes the new standard of web based Outlook, without glitches like this being fixed BEFORE release , I will have to consider an alternative maiol syste,