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30 PayPal Alternatives Ideal for Small Business

PayPal is a great solution for businesses [1] looking to accept payment, send invoices [2] and manage finances online. But it’s far from the only option. For businesses that are looking for a PayPal replacement or just some other options to add more flexibility, here are 30 PayPal alternatives for small businesses.

PayPal Alternatives

Google Wallet

30 PayPal Alternatives Ideal for Small Business - Google Wallet

Google Wallet [3] is an app and web platform that allows users to send and receive money using their email address and phone number. You can connect the service directly to your bank account and also use it to track your expenses and payments over time.


Stripe [4] is a software platform that allows you to accept credit card payments online. But the tools are also flexible so you can set them up to accept subscription payments or make it fit with the specific needs of your business.


Venmo [5] has become a popular platform for individuals looking to send money and share expenses. But it can also have business applications for those who want to make it easier for customers on mobile devices and social media apps to make purchases using Venmo.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments [6] gives online merchants a way to accept payments through Amazon’s online platform. So for customers who have payment information saved on their Amazon account, they can really easily just login and use that same payment method in other stores that use the platform.


Square [7] is already well known for providing a POS system for businesses that accept credit card payments in person. But the company also offers tools for ecommerce and appointment based businesses. Processing fees start at 2.75 percent per transaction.


Payline [8] provides a few different options for payment processing, including those for mobile, online and in-store purchases. Fees start at 20 cents per transaction plus 5 percent overall.


30 PayPal Alternatives Ideal for Small Business - Payza

Payza is a payment platform that works with credit cards, bank accounts, Bitcoin and more. The platform supports ecommerce businesses and even offers a Payza card to make purchasing even easier for customers. Accounts and sending money are free. And there are minimal transaction and Bitcoin processing fees.


Skrill [9] is a digital payment platform that can help online merchants, app developers and game creators accept payments.


WePay [10] is an integrated payment platform that can help you accept payments from customers, send invoices and even manage things like marketing automation.


Authorize.net [11] provides payment processing tools for businesses that accept payments in stores, online or on site. Pricing starts at 2.9 percent plus 30 cents per transaction.


QuickBooks from Intuit [12] provides a platform for businesses to send invoices and accept payments from anywhere. Fees start at 25 cents per transaction plus 2.4 percent.

Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments [13] lets you accept payments online if you run a Shopify ecommerce store. But the company also offers a POS system for businesses that need to accept payments in person as well.


30 PayPal Alternatives Ideal for Small Business - ProPay

ProPay [14] offers payment solutions for everyone from small businesses to enterprises. The company supports credit card payments, bank transfers, mobile payments and more.


Worldpay [15] offers a global payment platform that lets you accept payments online and in person. The company works with all different forms of currency and also offers data and optimization tools.


Charge.com [16] is a credit card processing platform that comes with no setup fees or contracts and lets you accept payments online and in stores.


2Checkout [17] is an online payment processing platform that offers a mobile friendly hosted checkout with advanced security and global reach. Pricing starts at 2.9 percent and 30 cents per transaction.


Popmoney [18] allows you to send, request and receive money online or on your mobile device. For businesses, the tool would be most useful for those who work closely with specific clients. The service has straightforward pricing at 95 cents per transaction.


Paymate’s [19] merchant service allows businesses to accept credit card payments online, in person and over the phone. The service supports multiple currencies and also features support and dispute resolution services.


30 PayPal Alternatives Ideal for Small Business - Payoneer

Payoneer [20] specializes in international money transfers. You can use it to bill customers, facilitate bank transfers and manage accounts.


Dwolla [21] is a developer friendly API that allows you to build applications to facilitate bank transfers and manage purchases and customers. You can use Dwolla’s interface to quickly facilitate transfers or integrate the API into your own interface.


Braintree [22] is actually a PayPal service. But it provides a platform for businesses to accept, process and split payments. There are several solutions available for different types of businesses, including marketplace and direct services.


Paysera [23] offers cheap money transfers and a platform for accepting online and mobile payments. Registration is free and merchants just pay fees for services like checkout and e-banking.


PayLane [24] is an online payment processing solution specifically for SaaS and ecommerce businesses. It allows businesses to accept payments in many different formats and currencies.


Wirecard [25] offers end-to-end payment solutions for merchants and other types of businesses. Products include payment processing, mobile payment solutions, risk management and more.


30 PayPal Alternatives Ideal for Small Business - BlueSnap

BlueSnap [26] offers payment processing for online stores and web and mobile development. The platform allows customers to pay with credit cards, bank transfers or online accounts like PayPal.

Merchant Inc

Merchant Inc [27] offers credit card processing solutions for businesses that accept payments online, in person or over the phone. The company charges 1.99 percent plus 25 cents per transaction.


Selz [28] allows businesses to process payments from online stores or social media platforms. You can actually use Selz to create your online storefront or offer products for sale on social media. Then you can process payments through Selz Pay or use other payment platforms that Selz is compatible with, including PayPal.


Viewpost [29] is a solution that allows you to send invoices, securely accept payments and manage cash flow. Businesses can accept electronic payments for free. And the business charges small fees for sending payments and other actions.


Fastspring [30] is a digital commerce platform for software and SaaS businesses. The platform allows you to enable payments online or in apps. The company offers a pay-as-you-go as well as business plans that come with flat monthly fees starting at $199 per month.


Avangate [31] is another payment solution that focuses on software developers. Pricing depends on your plan and the specific needs of your business.