How to Start a Private Jet Service – Without Any Planes

Private jet rental is being transformed by the sharing economy

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You no longer need an actual plane to start a private jet service. Much in the same way Uber and Lyft don’t actually own the cars used to transport the passengers they serve, startups are finding ways to facilitate air travel — without any planes.

Jettly is one such startup. The company brokers private planes in an effort to make jet ownership less wasteful and offer affordable options to corporate travelers. So instead of actually investing in new planes and making them available, the company works with those who already own jets and simply aren’t using them at the time.

Private Jet Rental Not The Only Business Changing in the Sharing Economy

This same concept can apply to a lot of different businesses. And as seen over the last couple of years during the rise of the sharing economy, entrepreneurs who are willing to get a little creative can find ways to offer products and services without having to invest a ton in equipment and upfront operating costs.

Uber and Lyft are popular examples. But you could also come up with new ways to facilitate sharing between consumers, thus offering something useful without having to actually invest in those items. Consider starting a clothing swap site for people who want to get rid of gently used items or loan out formal attire for special occasions. You could even do something similar with tools or equipment.

Image: Jettly

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  1. This is interesting. So does this mean that we can expect an Uber version for private planes? How about helicopters? That would be interesting.