Fitbit Smartwatches Remind Entrepreneurs Products Should Have a Reason for Being

Fitbit Smartwatches Remind Entrepreneurs Why Product Purpose is Important

Fitbit’s (NYSE:FIT) new smartwatch, the Fitbit Ionic, is currently available for pre-order. But the company wants you to know that this isn’t just another generic smartwatch — this one actually has a reason for being.

In keeping with the company’s history, the Fitbit Ionic has a specific focus on health and fitness. So it includes a lot of the features you can already find on other Fitbit products, like step tracking and heart rate monitoring, but surrounded by a more robust set of smartwatch features. It gives consumers who are concerned about health and fitness a way to monitor those factors on a device that they can also use for other things, rather than having to carry around a separate pedometer or smart band.

These features don’t just give the new smartwatch a niche within the industry — they give it a reason for being. Other smartwatches to this point have simply offered general features that customers can already access on their smartphones. So basically, it’s just a smartwatch for the sake of being a smartwatch.

Consider Product Purpose

Small businesses can take away an important lesson from this. The next time you’re brainstorming or developing a new product, ask yourself what specific purpose it serves or what problem it solves for your customers. Creating a new product just because it seems cool or you want to try out a new type of technology might seem innovative — but it could leave your new product without a market.

Image: Fitbit

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