What Can This Brooklyn Mompreneur Teach You in Your Startup Journey?

Small Business Startup Tips: What This Brooklyn Mom Can Teach You in Your Startup Journey

Annie Bruce has created a small business selling a really unique type of item — unicorn horns. The Brooklyn mom first started selling her creations on Etsy as a way to make money while still spending time with her daughter. But it soon blossomed into a full retail and ecommerce business, Brooklyn Owl, selling unicorn horns and other unicorn themed products for kids.

Small Business Startup Tips

But Bruce’s story isn’t just about unicorns. It also provides some important lessons that other small business startups can learn from. Here are five key takeaways.

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Draw Inspiration from Everyday Life

Bruce got the inspiration for her product line from her daughter, a big fan of unicorns. When you observe the world around you and consider the needs and wants of specific people, you can be sure to create products that have a lot of potential.

Have More Than Money as a Goal

Since Bruce started the business with the goal of spending more time with family, she wasn’t solely focused on the bottom line. This allowed her the freedom to really be creative and grow only as it made sense.

Choose an Opportunity that Suits Your Talents

When identifying a new business opportunity, it makes sense for you to choose one that utilizes your existing talents. Bruce was able to sew and handcraft items. So this business aligned with her skills perfectly.

Be Open to Multiple Opportunities

There isn’t one right way to start a business. Bruce started hers on Etsy but was also open to starting a physical retail store. She still keeps the Etsy store open though, since different customers have different preferences.

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Create a Unique Experience for Customers

A visit to Brooklyn Owl isn’t just about picking out a product and heading out the door. Bruce and her team have created a whole experience so that the visit is just as magical as the unicorn themed products.

Image: Brooklyn Owl

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  1. There seems to be a trend in unicorns.

    With that said, I agree when she said that money should not the goal. If you keep doing what you love, money will eventually come. But it can only come if you work without expecting it.

  2. This is definitely interesting and inspiring. I am seeing people make money in doing what they love but they should do it not for the money to begin with.

    • Yes, that’s a great way to start out and make sure your business is going to be sustainable over the long run.

  3. Real business takes hard work. And it takes the passion and perseverance to keep pushing even without a reward.