New T-Mobile REVVL Smartphone Should Fit Small Business Budget

New T-Mobile REVVL Smartphone Priced for the Value Seekers

A smartphone for only $5 per month can give your small business an affordable solution to bring your workforce together, which is what T-Mobile (NYSE:PCS) has done with the REVVL.

A Look at the T-Mobile REVVL

At only $125, the T-Mobile REVVL is a smartphone with features good enough to perform all basic communication, image capturing, conferencing, and storage functions. And when it comes to looks, it has a compact design with slim profile, metallic silver frame and engraved power key.

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Here is what the REVVL offers:

  • 5 inch HD Screen
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB of Internal Storage (Expandable to 128GB)
  • 13 Megapixel Rear Camera
  • 5 Megapixel Front-Facing Camera
  • 3,000 mAh Battery
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Android Nougat
  • Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA+, 4G LTE, LTE

The REVVL is a branded phone backed by one of the largest carriers in the US. What this means for your small business is, it won’t be like a no-name budget phone with few alternatives if it stops working. And the phone is part of the companies Jump! On Demand program.

New T-Mobile REVVL Smartphone Priced for the Value Seekers

The Jump! On Demand Program

As part of this program, the REVVL is available with $0 down and only $5 per month for 18 months. If you choose to pay up front, it will cost you $125. With the launch of the REVVL, T-Mobile also announced the Jump! program has been upgraded with new affordable phones available in SmartPicks.

Small Business Deals

As part of SmartPicks, you will be able to choose the ZTE ZMAX Pro, the LG Aristo, the LG K20 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime with the same zero down and low month payments. These phones are available for $7 or $8 per month.

New T-Mobile REVVL Smartphone Priced for the Value Seekers

If that is not enough incentive, T-Mobile also lets you swap the phones every 30 days if you join the Jump! program. This means you can trade in your phone without a down payments or upgrade fees.

Images: T-Mobile

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Michael Guta Michael Guta is the Assistant Editor at Small Business Trends and currently manages its East African editorial team. Michael brings with him many years of content experience in the digital ecosystem covering a wide range of industries. He holds a B.S. in Information Communication Technology, with an emphasis in Technology Management.

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  1. christina vanover

    That’s a great price for a phone with that size memory and ram. Could be a game changer. The best thing about it though, has to be options for pricing and plans that focus on consumer needs. Excellent customization offers for a wide range of people!

  2. Hello Michael,

    REVVL T- mobile looks very cool.

    The features are very advanced as per the price, best one can get under $150.

    Great to know that it comes under 0% for 18 months and the phone could be trade in without any additional charges

    Thanks for the share.


  3. How’s the brightness of the screen!! ALCATEL SUCKS!!!!!! Their screen sucks. Not bright at all, and apps freeze.

  4. Hi Shantanu,

    I agree, you really can’t beat the price, features and financing. It is a win/win/win for someone with a budget.

  5. I just got this phone. Unreal. I am going from a Nexus 5 I’ve had for 4 years and this phone is faster processor, has the same 2g ram, double the storage (32g vs 16), and weighs less with more screen space. T-mobile has really won me over between this phone and phenomenal customer service.

    • How is the sound level? I have to use headphones to hear when watching Netflix on my current Samsung.

  6. It is 24 months folks. 24 x 5 = 120 plus the $5 plus taxes at signup. Still a great deal.