Tiny Home Hotel Shows Creative Small Business Approach to Major Trends

Tiny Home Hotel an Example of Trend-Driven Innovation

WeeCasa is the largest tiny home hotel in the world. But the Lyons, Colorado resort started more out of necessity than anything.

The area experienced a massive flood in 2013, leading to the loss of a lot of properties including a mobile home park, which is where WeeCasa is now located. The community needed lodging and places for visitors to stay. And it needed these things quickly. So creating a resort full of tiny homes made a lot of sense.

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Trend-Driven Innovation

This business showcases trend-driven innovation in a couple of ways. First, it takes advantage of several different trends at once. There’s the growing popularity of tiny homes, the increase in Baby Boomers looking to downsize, and a growing interest among builders to showcase their tiny home designs to potential commercial clients.

But this business also shows a creative way to use the resources available. In the case of WeeCasa, the abundance of vacant land provided an opportunity and the destruction of properties including a mobile home park meant there was a huge need to fill.

So while this particular idea is unique, the lessons can be applied to other businesses and opportunities as well. Sometimes innovating out of necessity, while still taking trends and the needs of your market into account, can lead to something really unique and successful.

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  1. The trends in innovation are truly amazing. And the pace is also so fast that it is hard to keep up with everything.

  2. They even have expandable and convertible homes. Times have truly changed.