New Uber for Business Could Handle Your Company’s Travel Needs

New Uber for Business to Handle Your Company’s Travel Needs

Uber has “turbocharged” its business travel platform with the latest release of Uber for Business. The ride share company has expanded on its core services to allow small businesses the ability to have more control over cost and access to features clearly defining how their employees can use the service.

A Look at the New Uber for Business

The revamp announced Aug. 15, 2017 was in response to clients’ demands to expand on the original service launched a few months ago focused partially on a centralized billing platform.

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New Level of Management Capabilities

“We wanted to provide a new level of management capabilities that would turbocharge what business would be able to do,” said Julie Herendeen, Head of Marketing and Strategy at Uber for Business when she spoke with Small Business Trends recently.

This latest Uber for Business version includes new rules for spend allowances covered under a series of “set-and-forget” automated programs.  The revamped interface also provides customized access for different groups of employees. It covers everything down to the kind of car available and the time of day it can be used.

The People That Matter to Their Companies

The product was designed to help small businesses and other organizations move the people that matter to their operations. Greg Greiner, Head of Product at Uber for Business told Small Business Trends the set-and-forget travel programs are the cornerstones.

“This is something you only need to set up once,” he said.

They allow managers to set up templates that cover when employees can use Uber, for how much and under what circumstances. These take away the need for manual billing and even cover what kinds of vehicles are available. For example, a “late night rides policy” might only be available to and from work after 8 p.m.

These include a variety of possibilities that can be set up for commuting, rides to public transit, and even store to store travel.

Customized Templates for Group Needs

The update for Uber for Business can also supply customized templates for group needs. For example, a small retail outlet can set up $20 a week to cover short commutes for certain workers.  You can make arrangements based on teams, locations or any one of a number of bulk categories.

“Different people have different roles and ground transportation needs,” Greiner said. “So it was important for us to build in capabilities to control access at the group level.”

The new interface includes a redesigned dashboard including access to Uber Central so employees can interact with customers.

Image: Uber

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  1. It is about time that they have a different target as well. But I am wondering. Aside from receipts, what did they add for Uber for Business?

  2. Too bad Uber is banned in some countries. I don’t know what has gotten into them that they prevent technologies like this from flourishing.

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