50 Beginner Ideas for Small Business YouTube Channels

50 YouTube Ideas for Beginners

You don’t have to be a professional videographer to start a YouTube channel for your business. In fact, there are plenty of great YouTube video ideas out there for those who are just getting started. If you’re interested in getting started, take a look at these 50 YouTube ideas for beginners.

YouTube Ideas for Beginners

Intro Video

Every YouTube channel needs a good intro video that gives a preview of the type of content you offer. You can keep it short and simple — just introduce yourself and your business and offer a simple preview of what viewers can expect from your YouTube channel.

Behind the Scenes Views

Viewers also love to see a behind the scenes view of your business. You can share a day in the life or a peek at your daily operations.

Team Introductions

Customers also might want to know more about the people behind your business. Give your team members a chance to introduce themselves or do a quick interview with them so viewers can get to know them better.

Event Wrapups

If your business hosts or participates in any events, you can collect footage from the event and then make a short compilation to share more about your time there.

Weekly Business News

For businesses that want to keep customers updated on the regular happenings of the business, start a weekly news segment where you share updates.

Weekly Industry News

You can also create news videos about more general news items from your industry as a whole.


Vlogs are basically video versions of blog posts. You can film scenes from your daily life or business operations and then share information to accompany that content.


Videos are also great formats for interviews. You can ask questions of industry experts or have followers ask you questions on YouTube so you can share answer in video form.

Funny Product Ads

Instead of making a generic video ad for your products or services, you can make something with a little bit of humor to increase the chances of your video going viral.

Fake Infomercials

More specifically, you could mimic an infomercial format to demonstrate your product in a humorous way.

Product Demonstrations

You could also take a more straightforward route to demonstrate your products in a video, especially if you offer something that’s new or complicated.

Funny Facts About Your Business

Another way to add some humor to your YouTube channel, you can do a simple video where you share some funny or little known facts about your business.

DIY Projects

DIY projects and tutorials are popular on YouTube. If you can think of a way to use your product in a DIY or recipe, film a video to share the instructions.

Tips Videos

Or you could film a video where you share some basic tips on a particular subject to share your expertise and build your brand as a thought leader.

Explainer Videos

Video is also a great format for explaining a concept in a simple way. If there’s a concept or something impacting your industry that people seem to have questions about, film a quick video laying out all the details.

Surprising Opinions

You can also use videos to share your opinion about a particular subject. This can be a particularly effective way to get some online attention if you have an opinion that’s different or surprising.

Challenge Videos

There’s no shortage of challenges floating around YouTube at any given time, from the cinnamon challenge to the mannequin challenge. You can latch onto these and share a bit of fun with your team in a video.

Product Reviews

If it’s applicable for your business, you can use YouTube to share product reviews of various items that are relevant to your followers.

Office Tours

You can also simply give a tour of your office or workspace as another way to offer a behind the scenes view of your business.

Product Unboxings

Unboxing videos of new products are also fairly popular on YouTube, especially if you offer product bundles or uniquely packaged items.

How It’s Made Videos

You can also make videos that offer a behind the scenes view of your manufacturing process so followers can see how your products are made.

Case Studies

Case studies allow you to share the story of your customers or clients to show how your product or service helped them in a really specific way.

Customer Testimonials

Or you can give the platform over to your customers and just have them share simple testimonials about working with your business.

Product Comparisons

Video can also be an effective way for you to compare multiple products. You can do this with your own product and a competitor or with two products that might just hold some interest with your followers.

Business History

To teach customers more about your business in general, you can make a video where you share how it got started and other fun facts about your company’s history.

Milestone Celebrations

When your business celebrates a major milestone, like an award or 10 years in business, you can also create a video to call attention to that milestone.

Cause Videos

If your business is active with any charities or causes, you can create videos to share about the cause and tell customers how they can contribute or get involved.

Special Offers

You can also create simple videos to update customers when your business is offering sales, promotions or other special offers.

List Videos

Another interesting content idea, share a list of the top items in a particular category — top tools, apps, products, movies or anything else that might be relevant to your customers.

Favorites Videos

Similarly, you can create videos where you share your own personal favorites in a particular topic area.


If you notice a lot of questions coming up about your business, you can create a video where you answer those FAQs. And then you can refer to that video regularly when you get those questions again.

Thank Yous

Video is also a great format for you to share heartfelt thanks to your customers or followers.

Response Videos

If there’s another video making waves in your industry, you can potentially get some attention by creating a response in a video of your own.

Quick Skits

When you’ve got a new product announcement or something you want to announce about your business, you can create a quick skit to get members of your team involved and maybe even get some laughs in the process.

Presentation Videos

Especially for B2B businesses, you can create presentations like you would in programs like PowerPoint and just offer them in a simple video format.


Timelapse is a video setting available on many cameras and smartphones that lets you film a good length of time and then show a sped-up version. This can be an effective way to show work in progress.

Routine Videos

You might also create a video that shows a routine, like a morning routine or end-of-the-workday routine.

Tag Videos

On YouTube, lots of users participate in tags where one person will share a video on a particular subject then tag others to create their own version of that video. Even if you aren’t tagged, you can share your own video on that subject and keep the tag going.

Photo Slideshows

If you want to share a selection of photos with music or narration, you can create a simple slideshow in video format.

Contest Videos

Your business can also create a contest to get customers involved in some way and create a video to share the details.

Public Service Announcements

If you’ve got some information that you just think is going to be useful for your audience on YouTube, create a PSA type video to share.


Especially for businesses that offer software, apps or online platforms, you can create a video where you share your screen and just explain what you’re doing in the background.


Prank videos are fun and allow you to show off some of your personality and your team members with followers.


You can also save some outtakes from your other videos and share those in a compilation of bloopers.

Pet Introductions

Everyone loves seeing cute dogs and other animals. And introducing your pets to followers online can also help them get to know you better.

Holiday Greetings

When it’s a major holiday or one that’s especially relevant to your business, you can create a short video sharing your well wishes with followers for the holiday.

Haul Videos

Haul videos are those where you show off a selection of items you’ve recently purchased or obtained. This can be especially relevant to businesses that attend trade shows or other industry events.

Lighthearted Rants

Rants tend to get a lot of traction on YouTube. As long as it’s something that isn’t going to alienate your customer base, sharing a rant can show that you’re really passionate and knowledgeable on the subject.

Collaboration Videos

It can also be a good idea to share videos on YouTube where you collaborate with other businesses or accounts. Maybe you’ll each share your expertise on a subject and then link to each other’s videos to increase your audience.

Viewer Ideas

And finally, your business can get some great ideas for YouTube directly from your customers and followers. So ask them what they want to see and pay attention to their comments and input.

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