Zoho Makes CRM Email Tool SalesInbox Available to Teams Using Salesforce

Zoho SalesInbox for Salesforce

Zoho has brought two essential small business sales tools together.

Zoho SalesInbox for Salesforce

Zoho SalesInbox is now available to Salesforce users. The service was previously available to Zoho users by request.  It combines previously siloed applications so salespeople have sales related emails with all the relevant information from Salesforce and other CRMs in one location.

New Email Client Tool

The new email client tool that’s directly compatible with Salesforce promises to streamline the CRM experience for small business sales. It will make for faster email follow ups and the kind of deep insights that close deals quickly.

Sifting through customer data in Salesforce Sales Cloud and automatically prioritizing client conversations, SalesInbox works with all the standard email services like Yahoo!, Exchange and Gmail.

Here’s What it Can Do for Your Sales Team

If you’re a member of a sales team, you know you get lots of emails every day. The problem is you always stand a chance of missing an important one with the volume you get. But SalesInBox provides a solution for this conundrum.

Four Categories

SalesInbox tackles the issue by placing your emails in four distinct categories  — deals, contacts and leads, not in CRM and colleagues. Opening an email in one of those categories supplies more relevant information including background notes and contact information. There is even a timeline of activities associated with every contact. The application acts like a virtual assistant of sorts or an online filing system.

Drag and Drop

You can even drag and drop emails across the categories.

Small Business Deals

“We have seen this innovation benefit the users of Zoho CRM to a great extent, and wanted salespeople to have the benefits of using it, irrespective of the CRM they use,” a Zoho press release stated. “So we’re making it available to Salesforce users.”


The pricing is attractive to sales teams in the small business arena, too.

There will be Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer editions available for users of Salesforce CRM. They will be priced at $20 per user per month, along with a 90-day free trial.

Here are a few of the other features that make a difference

Insights that Boost Sales

SalesInbox offers open and click rates for the emails already sent to clients. It’s a helpful arrow in the quiver of the travelling sales person or team. When they need to know who the prospects are that are most likely to buy, this is the metric they can use.

Email Templates

If you’re a sales rep for a plumbing company, this tool will let you put together different email templates and then measure the ones that work best. The analytics provided by SalesInbox are a treasure trove for managers who want to see how their sales teams are performing.


SalesInbox also has filters so you can flag top deals and keep on top of responses from the ones with the most potential.

Zoho is a single platform operating system for business that supplies cloud based applications. The company has over 30 million users worldwide.

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