Accelo Raises $9 Million to Build Tools for Project Driven Businesses

Latest Accelo Funding Round Raises $9 Million to Build Tools for Project Driven Businesses

Operations automation system Accelo just raised $9 million to improve and build on its suite of tools for project driven small businesses. Level Equity led the Series A round of funding, with contributions from Fathom Capital and existing investor Blackbird Ventures.

Accelo Funding Round Paying for Enhancements, Automation

Accelo already offers a suite of tools providing CRM, project management, customer service and accounting services. It also has an all encompassing dashboard that businesses can use to manage all of those different functions. The dashboard is now being rebranded from PSA to ServOps.

All of these tools are made specifically for what the company calls “project driven” businesses. So that includes things like architects, accounting firms and graphic design businesses. For these companies, many of which have fewer than 100 employees, Accelo says many of the software and cloud based tools available don’t give them the options they need. The company says these firms need more help to manage those specific projects and the different ways they communicate with customers, manage payments and handle other business functions.

For example, an accounting firm might have some short term projects but also a few clients that keep an accountant on retainer. Accelo offers tools for both of these functions. And since you can access them on one centralized dashboard, it makes managing those different functions a little more seamless. Accelo also offers some automation features like renewal invoicing, along with integrations with the other platforms you might use like PayPal, Stripe and Quickbooks.

So if your small business fits into this category, Accelo could be worth looking into. And now that the company has secured this significant funding round, the innovations could be even better for small project focused businesses going forward. The company plans to focus much of its efforts on building out the ServOps platform.

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