Getting Rid of Your Business Cards? Here are 4 Reasons to Reconsider

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Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

Business cards may seem old fashioned especially for Generation Y and Z. However, it is still essential to actually carry a business card because it provides an easy way of letting other people get in touch with you and is more personal compared to a digital contact exchange. Therefore, it looks like business cards will not go anywhere in the near future and every business professional needs to have one so keep reading below and find out the other reasons for having a business card.

Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

  • Business Cards Make You Memorable: When you meet someone at a networking event or in a meeting, exchanging your business cards helps the other person match your face with your name. Also, when you hand out your business card, you are giving them a reason to follow up with you and a call to action. In this way, they can call or email you back or at least friend you on LinkedIn.
  • Business Cards Make You Look More Professional: Having a business card looks much more professional than writing your information on a piece of paper because it shows that you actually took the time to print out a card with your information on it. In addition, think of an event where everyone has business cards and is exchanging their cards and you don’t have one. Unfortunately, this will separate you from others in a bad way.
  • Business Cards are Great for Showing Your Personal Brand: You can be an entrepreneur or you can work for someone else. It doesn’t matter. You still can personalize and show your own style in your business card. Also, if you want to differentiate your business cards from others and don’t want to have a boring paper business card, you can use Metal Business Cards. In, you can choose different styles for your business card from stainless steel to gold metal cards and the good news is you don’t need to pay a ton of money for this. Having a metal business card is actually very affordable.
  • Business Cards Make it Easier and Faster to Exchange Information: Digital devices and smart phones may be everywhere but unfortunately, they don’t make exchanging information any faster. Not every digital device is compatible with each other and this makes it a struggle to exchange information digitally. Also, some people still do not prefer to use smart phones or even if they do, they may not know how to exchange information digitally through their phone, so carrying a business card with you can be a big help in these kinds of situations.

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