Avast Targets Small Businesses with Cyber Security Packages

Avast Business Targets Small Businesses with Cyber Security Packages

The new Avast Business solutions portfolio is addressing small businesses by simplifying and optimizing security to ensure business continuity and decrease downtime.

The new offering has come as part of Avast’s $1.3 billion acquisition of AVG in 2016. This gave the company a more robust threat detection technology and infrastructure. The integration is going to deliver its strongest small business security protection to date,  the company says.

Avast (NASDAQ:AVST) is going to provide the service across three tiers of endpoint security solutions along with its managed services for channel partners.

Kevin Chapman, senior vice president and general manager of Avast’s SMB Business, said in the press release, “We are now providing one portfolio of effective security tools and resources, under one unified Avast Business brand, to prevent security breaches, cybercrime, and the data loss, downtime and damage that results.”

Avast Business Portfolio

In the release, Avast highlights the need to simplify security for small businesses. In the past, the company offered free and premium business security solutions to protect devices from cyber-attacks. The new offering is building on those platforms along with AVG’s technology to provide one of the world’s largest and most advanced threat detection networks. Features include:

  • Business Antivirus, a full featured endpoint protection using Avast’s proprietary CyberCapture technology for real-time security defense,
  • Business Antivirus Pro, bringing together all the features of Business Antivirus while adding data protection services to secure Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint servers and more,

  • Business Antivirus Pro Plus, including all of the features in Business Antivirus plus identity protection for WiFi connections and password management.

The managed services are Avast Business Management Console, Avast Business Managed Workplace and Avast Business CloudCare.

Price and Availability

All of the services are available with a free 30 day trial and 30 day money back guarantee. The pricing structure is ideal for small businesses, as the company offers multiple options. If you pay for more than one year, the savings are considerable, which can be up to 40 percent off. All prices are for a single PC.

  • Business Antivirus starts at $39.99 per year, $59.99 for two years, and $71.98 for three years.
  • Business Antivirus Pro is $49.99 per year, $74.99 for two years, and $89.98 for three years.
  • Business Antivirus Pro Plus begins with $59.99 for a single year, $89.99 for two years, and $107.98 for three years.

Avast Business Managed Antivirus is available for $39.99 per year for each device. Avast Business Managed Workplace and Avast Business CloudCare are only available as a demo right now, but you can give it a try for free.

Image: Avast

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