Airbnb and Resy Team Up So Small Restaurants can Get More Reservations

Partnership with Resy Enables Users to Book Restaurant Reservations with Airbnb

Airbnb guests can now book tables in 650 curated restaurants across the US in collaboration with Resy, a mobile app for restaurant reservations. For the 650 restaurants, many of which are small businesses, it will mean access to new customers and fewer empty tables.

New Feature: Book Restaurant Reservations with Airbnb

The new service expands on Experiences, a feature Airbnb introduced in 2016. Experiences has hundreds of activities travelers can enjoy as part of their trip. Again, in the vast majority of cases, small business provide the services.

In partnership with Resy, Airbnb guests will be able to book in-app reservation at select restaurants in cities across the country. This includes New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco, Atlanta, Nashville, Napa and others. You can search for restaurants by cuisine type, meal type, time of day or map view.

In a release, Airbnb explains, “The ability to book reservations at a curated selection of restaurants is part of our ongoing commitment to focus on the entire trip, not just homes…We feel we’ve solved a problem no other travel company has yet.”

Small Business Deals

The Move to Restaurants by Airbnb

A survey commissioned by Airbnb and conducted by Harris Poll gave the company insight into how travelers search for restaurants. According to the poll, 54 percent of American travelers search online to find restaurants and book reservations.

In the report, Airbnb also revealed it generated $6.5 billion for restaurants around the world in a single year. So adding the best available restaurants with the help of Resy looks like a natural progression.

Being Part of the New Service

The restaurants on Airbnb are chosen by Resy. They are local favorites, award winners and international destinations.

Airbnb and Resy

Airbnb is a global online platform used to lease or rent short-term stays from individuals or businesses. It now has more than 3,000,000 listings in 65,000 cities and 191 countries.

Resy offers a mobile service for booking restaurants. It includes table management, ticketing, web booking, CRM, mobile app, POS integration and more. Small restaurants can have a professional and comprehensive solution by just dropping a widget code in their website.

If you want to make your restaurant part of the Resy network, you can obtain the service here.

Image: Airbnb

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  1. Restaurant reservations through apps is not new. But having it together with AirBnb is so much better. I wonder. Is this only for certain locations?

  2. I think that it is a good idea. People who are booking places need a place to eat as well and this is where the other app comes in.

  3. Interesting. I think that AirBnb can do it by itself though. I am wondering if these apps will also include other services.

  4. Online food ordering and restaurant reservations are a great way to get your things done with your mobile app anywhere anytime. Almost 650 small, medium and large restaurants across the country will get benefited with the tie-up of Airbnb and Resy.

  5. Hi Mobicommerce,
    The more things you can do under one platform, the better. Airbnb and Resy are two proven platforms, and customers as well as businesses will benefit greatly from this collaboration.

  6. So for restaurants to get listed on AirBnB they need to dish out $188 – $399 a month? ummmm now thank you. Such a good idea but AirBnB is screwing itself. I work with several restaurants and not a SINGLE ONE would dump OpenTable for this, even though getting some kind of listing on AirBnB is worth paying for. OpenTable is a big investment but most of the restaurants I know are getting a ton of traffic from it, including AirBnB renters How about some listing options that don’t include the high overhead? Maybe just a per seat commission? Or even just a simple listing fee? Such a great idea lost by forcing them to switch reservation and POS systems. That’s why in my city, New Orleans, with some of the most amazing food and restaurants, AirBnB only has 7 restaurants listed…