4 Reasons Your Small Business Should Archive Text Messages (Infographic)

Why Businesses Should Archive Text Messages

It may be tempting to delete all the text messages you’ve received in bulk to free up some space on your mobile device. But as a small business owner, you should think twice before hitting the delete button.

According to a new data-based infographic created by software company, TeleMessage, businesses should consider archiving text messages instead.

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Wondering why? As it turns out, archiving text messages is critical to your company’s security and reputation. Not just that, it’s crucial to making sure you can trace text-based evidence and produce it in court, if needed.

Why Businesses Should Archive Text Messages

Here are some reasons why you need to archive all your text messages:

Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Almost all industries have some sort of regulatory compliance policy in place with regards to retaining and producing content. These regulations make it compulsory for organizations to retain information such as communication with clients – including texts and chats.

Support Court Cases and eDiscovery

Archived text messages can prove useful if you get entangled in a legal case and need evidence to defend yourself.

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It’s also worth noting that under the requirements of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, an organization has the obligation to search and produce electronic content, such as email, files and text messages.

Enable Employees to Access Older Content

An archiving process helps employees access older content without the need to store them on a live server or in the device’s storage. This, in turn, reduces the demand on your IT staff and helps you lower the cost and time for backup, upgrades and database tuning.

Retain Corporate Memory

With a proper archiving process in place, it becomes easier for you to maintain a record of your organization’s history.

It also helps you ensure your data remains secured and retrievable years from now.

To understand the benefits of archiving text messages in further detail, check out the infographic below:

Why Businesses Should Archive Text Messages

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