Google AdSense Introduces Full-Width Responsive Ads

full-width responsive ads in adsense

Google AdSense has introduced a new tweak to its responsive ads for mobile. The new product enhancement will now automatically expand ads to the full-width of the user’s screen when their mobile device is orientated vertically. Google AdSense has been offering responsive ads for quite some time. But the new product enhancement extends the width of the responsive ads as you can see in the image above.

Update: Full-Width Responsive Ads in AdSense

The change means your customers will get the best possible image size when they view your ads on mobile devices. The new features on AdSense will make ads look more natural and draw more attention — particularly when viewed vertically on a smartphone.

Having the right ad, placement and size on mobile platforms maximizes your mobile web earning potential. The Google AdSense Team discusses these points and best practices for mobile ads in the video below.

AdSense is part of the the huge search ad market promoted by Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), and small businesses represent a big share of the customers using the platform. For companies of all sizes, mobile is making up an increasingly larger number of users, growing at a much faster rate than PCs when it comes to advertising.

On the company blog, Google explains, “Our experiments show that full-width responsive ads perform better on mobile devices in portrait mode. Previously Responsive ads fitted to standard sizes. The new launch will now automatically expand ads to the full-width of the user’s screen when their device is orientated vertically.”

Implementing Responsive Ads

All you have to do to deploy the new full-width responsive ads is create a responsive ad unit in your AdSense account. There are some technical considerations you should be aware of — such as whether your site uses third-party JavaScript.

You can get more information from the help center here.

Mobile for Small Business

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Image: Google

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  1. They’ve been pushing these in AdWords for some time, so there should be a good number of advertisers with them enabled now. If done correctly they can be really cool. If done incorrectly they create some real Franken-ads.

  2. Hi Robert,
    The help center provides some pointers to make sure you don’t experience the glitches.