Facebook is the Most Popular Social Media Site for B2C Small Businesses, Survey Says

New Survey: How Businesses Use Social Media for Marketing

The social media preference for business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies not surprisingly is different. While B2C companies like Facebook and YouTube, B2B organizations prefer LinkedIn and Twitter. Even though their preference differs, the new survey conducted by Clutch revealed social media has a positive influence for most companies.

New Survey: How Businesses Use Social Media for Marketing

For B2C companies, Facebook was chosen by 96 percent of the respondents, with YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram getting 82, 77, 74, and 74 percent respectively. As for B2B’s, LinkedIn came in first at 93 percent, followed by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram at 83, 82, 81 and 40 percent respectively.

Clutch and Smart Insights, a publisher and learning platform that helps companies plan, came together to conduct this survey in order to determine the value of social media. They surveyed 344 social media marketers from around the world to find out the most engaging content to share, social media resources businesses invest in, and the challenges they will face. The report of the survey was written by Kristen Herhold, content writer and marketer at Clutch.

Impact of Social Media

The data in the survey reveals businesses of all sizes benefit from social media. Fifty two percent of social media marketers said social media has helped increase revenue and sales for their clients.

This is achieved using different types of content to engage with consumers, all of which are within  the reach of small businesses.

First it is important to have original content, and 80 percent of companies said they share mostly original content on social media. The three most engaging types of content are broken down into written articles (27 percent), videos (26 percent), and images (24 percent).

Once the content is posted, engagement (36 percent) and conversion rates (35 percent) are the most important metrics for tracking success. But such tracking is not always easy to implement without the right approach.

The Challenges of Social Media

According to the survey, not having enough human and financial resources (26 percent), lacking a formal strategy (24 percent), and building a community of followers and influencers (24 percent) were the top three challenges social media marketers face.

Achieving Success in Social Media

More than half of the marketers in the survey said they used outside resources. These include management software, digital marketing or social media marketing agencies, or freelancers and consultants by 44, 28, and 9 percent respectively.

Similar solutions can be used by small businesses to get their social media presence off the ground. And once it is up and running, it can be managed in house or with freelancers and consultants at affordable rates.

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  1. Facebook is a great tool for businesses to use to get their message out. However, as a consumer I am annoyed by Facebook because of all of the ads. 20% of a persons news feed is ads!!! If that isn’t enough to turn you off, Facebook is really starting to annoy me with their notifications. As a Facebook business page owner I don’t need notification from Facebook telling me they want my money. It seems every post you make is a great post in the eyes of Facebook and you should promote it. How about Facebook shows my posts to my followers instead of always asking for money.

  2. Some people don’t even go on Google anymore. With more users using mobile gadgets, they would often just hop on Facebook right away.