HP Focuses on Connectivity and Security for Small Business Printing Upgrades

HP Reinvents Printing with Focus on Connectivity and Security for Small Business

Remote work is now a reality for small and large businesses alike, and HP (NYSE:HPQ) has introduced new solutions and printers to support this workforce. The HP Roam and HP Connection Inspector security features have been developed to address remote printing, collaboration and mobility. And A3 business printers and scanners introduced in 2016 have been expanded.

HP Reinvents Printing

As a small business owner, it is imperative for you to secure every connected device on your premises. Many people might overlook printers, but HP is introducing new tools to safeguard print environments.

HP Roam

With HP Roam, you can print without limitations. Prints can be ordered from any location and any device, and they can be picked up from different printers from the office, home or public sites.

The Roam feature uses GPS and Bluetooth technologies for fast auto-discovery of printers. So whether you are in your office, a hotel or airport, it will locate compatible printers. And when it does, it will only release the data to be printed after verifying your identity through a mobile device, personal pin or ID card.

Small business workforces spend as much time outside the office as in. And with the constant danger to connected devices, which now includes the IoT (Internet of Things), every connection has to be protected.

In the release, Enrique Lores, President of Imaging and Printing at HP Inc., explained how his company is addressing the issue this way, “As the cyber landscape evolves and the path of work transforms, we will drive partner success with innovative new services and solutions for printing easily and securely, enabling increased services and revenue opportunities.” 

HP Connection Inspector

The protection HP Connection Inspector provides is to mitigate the attack in the first place. According to the release, the feature was developed by HP Labs with advanced self-healing capabilities to inspect outbound network connections.

If and when it detects any suspicious activities, it stops. If the device is compromised, it will trigger a reboot to initiate HP Sure Start self-healing procedures automatically. For small businesses without an IT department, this is invaluable.

Two additional features, HP Solutions Hub and Smart Device Services 2.0, optimize workflow and how printers are serviced using IoT, big data, machine learning and predictive diagnostics. 


The new printers expand the A3 portfolio originally announced in September 2016 with two new platforms and different configurations. The printers provide page-wide printing along with the new security features.


HP Roam, HP Solutions Hub and Smart Device Services 2.0 will be available in spring 2018.  HP Connection Inspector is going to be delivered through a FutureSmart firmware update later this year.

The new A3 printers and scanners will be available directly through HP or through qualified channel partners.

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