Apple’s New iPhones Add Security, Imaging and Other Features Important to Small Business Users

New iPhone X and iPhone 8 Models Add Security, Imaging and Other Features Perfect for Small Business Users

Now your iPhone unlocks when you stare at it and charges up without plugged in. In fact, the three new iPhones introduced Sept. 12 include security, imaging and other features that might just make them perfect for small business users.

iPhone X and iPhone 8 Models

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has updated the phone’s processor to an A11 bionic chip featuring facial recognition to unlock the iPhone X and included wireless technologies through the glass back on iPhone8 and iPhone8Plus models. The company has also done away with the home screen on the iPhone X. Now you can navigate around by simply swiping up from the bottom of the edge to edge screen.

10th Anniversary

The changes come on the 10th anniversary of the flagship smartphone and at the first event at the Steve Jobs Theater. The company introduced three new models–the iPhone8, iPhone8Plus and iPhoneX.

Apple CEO Tim Cook paid tribute to the phone’s past.

“No other device in our lifetime has had the impact the iPhone has” he said.

A11 Bionic Chip

The A11 bionic chip is one of the bigger advancements and a big improvement over previous iPhones. It matters the most on the iPhone X. The facial recognition feature this fueled by this new processor builds a mathematical model of your face.  The chances of someone else being able to unlock your phone and steal important business data are one in 1 million with it.

Small Business Deals

The upgraded cameras featuring True Tone display are nice features but not necessarily all that important to business unless you are using the phone to create product images for your eCommerce store or for use in social media.

Composite Aluminum Alloy

The bodies on the iPhone 8 and Plus versions are made up of a composite aluminum alloy which make them perfect for a small business like construction or the trades. Not necessarily because of the toughness but because the alloy makes them even more water and dust resistant than previous phones.

“This glass is the most resistant ever put in a smartphone,” said Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple. The new iPhones are have glass covers on the front and back.

Qi Charging

The glass back makes the wireless Qi charging standard possible. That’s a great bonus for traveling business people who want to make sure they can get a quick easy charge before connecting flights.

However there’s still no universal headphone jack. That was was one of the biggest complaints with iPhone 7.

The iPhoneX will set you back $999. The iPhone8 costs $699 and the iPhone8Plus is $799. You can order the iPhone8 and iPhone 8 Plus this Friday for delivery September 22. Preorders for the iPhoneX start October 27th.

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  1. They skipped the 8 model and proceeded with the 10. I am loving the AR feature that allows you to have AR elements in videos.