Nimble Prospector Helps Sales Teams Build Prospect Relationship Record

Nimble Prospector Helps Sales Teams Build Prospect Relationship Record

Small businesses sales teams can qualify and connect with prospects to build their sales funnel faster using Nimble’s AI-enabled Prospector.  With Nimble’s newest sales intelligence feature, you simply hover over any contact name on social media or websites and Prospector will discover their email, phone number, job title, company, location, social profiles, and address details. Click to add prospects’ enriched contact details into the Nimble CRM to build personal relationships with clients and contacts over time.

Introducing Nimble Prospector

Nimble, the social sales and marketing customer relationship management company, has just introduced Nimble Prospector to its cloud-based CRM. Nimble gathers your contacts from several popular business platforms like Gmail, G Suite and Office 365 as well as from your social media sites and other business applications.

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Prospector even provides an overview of your team’s history of interactions with clients and contacts. For small business sales teams on the go, it’s like having another set of hands helping you to close deals.

“Nimble provides a layer and builds a relationship on email, calendar and ideally social to show a history of interactions for you and your team,” Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara told Small Business Trends.  “It builds and maintains a relationship record.”


In short, it’s a CRM that can help busy small businesses’ sales teams with relationship management by creating and maintaining databases using AI. Nimble is also designed to reduce lost time spent putting this important kind of information together. It also verifies contact details and enriches contact information.

It allows small business sales people to beef up a contact’s info and reach out with a personalized email tailor made for each prospect. It filters and builds on data automatically.

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A Closer Look at Nimble and Prospector

Here’s a deeper dive into the new Prospector tool from Nimble.

Company Profiles

There’s no need to look in several locations for the business info you need. You can target business contacts from a single location. Prospector gathers important metrics like number of employees and even revenue to keep everything current.

Auto-Generated Contact Profiles

Getting prospects’ work experience, education and social profiles helps to sort them out and qualify them. Nimble builds these profiles automatically.


There’s no need to chase down the right contact info with Prospector. The product does it for you and that’s another real time saver.  Verifying business contact details like phone number and emails is done for information coming from any website or business source. It’s another way for small businesses to draw a straighter line to contacts that are most likely to pay off and get in touch quickly.

Works Where You Work

One of the more interesting features is the ability to access Nimble from different platforms.

Ferrara explains, “It works where you work. For example, if you open an email in Gmail, you can see the history of interactions you and the team have had.  You can follow up and follow through from wherever you are.”

The Smart Contacts App

Everything is brought together with enriched contact details in the cloud through this application. Best of all, all the information is accessible from a sidebar with a single click.

You can even build segmented lists with tags and send out one-on-one emails. The Group Messaging feature even tracks emails and when they are opened. It also reminds users to follow up and tracks clicks.

“This application is the key,” Ferrara says. “Essentially it plugs into your browser and works inside your existing email systems or your social and business applications.”

Small businesses can get Nimble Prospector when they buy a Nimble Business License. The license comes with 25 lookups monthly with a pay-as-you-go option after that. The fees for Nimble Prospector start at $9:95 for an additional 50 lookups monthly. You can share them across a Nimble team account.  Nimble comes with both mobile and desktop options.

The tool as already garnered some praise in the industry.

In comments supplied to Small Business Trends, Rich Bohn, President and Chief CRM Analyst at Sell More Now LLC says, “Too many CRM solutions still make the poor users do all of the work. This needs to end! These people are already way over worked. Thankfully, Nimble has been bucking this trend for a while.”

Wes Schaeffer, CEO of The Sales Whisperer, adds, “Time kills deals, so the more I can compress cycles and time frames, the more I can be productive and make more money. For example, when someone follows me on Twitter, I can use Nimble to immediately figure out if I want to connect with that person and how to build a relationship based on our common areas of interest.”

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