Organize and Sign Legally Binding Documents with New PandaDoc App

Organize and Sign Legally Binding Documents with New PandaDoc App

Full access to the PandaDoc dashboard is now available on your mobile device, whether you use Android or iOS. As a small business owner, this means you can sign legally binding documents securely no matter where you are with the new enhanced mobile app.

The availability of the entire dashboard via the mobile PandaDoc app will give you the same level of control for your documents inside and outside of the office. This includes the advanced analytics PandaDoc provides to keep track of your documents.

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What Does the New PandaDoc App Mean for Your Small Business?

It means not wasting your valuable time tracking down documents. PandaDoc organizes your proposals and quotes, for example. Additionally, you can manage the entire life cycle of a contract so you don’t miss any deadlines.

Check out this short video to see what PandaDoc does for small businesses.

You can see how your customers are interacting with the document and help with any difficulty they might be having. And when they are ready to sign on the dotted line, you can finalize the deal right from your mobile device.

PandaDoc has more than 7,000 customers worldwide, many of whom are small businesses. They use it to generate, track, and execute documents as well as automate hiring and onboarding of new talent. PandaDoc automates the processing of documents.

Organize and Sign Legally Binding Documents with New PandaDoc App

PandaDoc CEO, Mikita Mikado, emphasizes this point in a release by the company saying, “For many of our customers, time is money. By enhancing our mobile app, we have done everything in our power to give our customers as little downtime as possible. By adding the PandaDoc full dashboard to our mobile app, we are giving our customers a superior experience by enabling them to transact business from anywhere at any time.”

Getting the App

All PandaDoc users can get the new enhanced mobile app for free on their Android and iOS devices. Once it is on your device, you can start managing and tracking your documents, with the same dashboard features available on desktop.

If you already use PandaDoc, it means not having to run back to the office to sign your documents. The same level of security with signature certificate, timestamp, IP address and unique barcode identifier is available. It will be a legally binding document.

Image: PandaDoc

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