Shopify Introduces Shopcodes, QR Codes Connected Directly to eCommerce Items

Introducing Shopify Shopcodes -- QR Codes Connected Directly to Ecommerce Items

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The easier you make the checkout process for customers when they shop online, the more they are likely to buy from you — or so the people at Shopify believe. Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) recently introduced Shopcodes, a service taking customers to a product or cart in your Shopify store when they scan a QR code.

The choice to use QR code is in great part driven by Apple’s decision to finally add QR reading to its camera in June of 2017. Apple’s influence in the mobile segment is undeniable, and the company’s decision has prompted marketing platforms for brands, companies and developers to do the same.

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Shopify took  a similar path, and with Shopify Shopcodes it wants to make mobile shopping much easier than before. What makes it different is the QR codes can only be generated within Shopify stores, and they are only used for shopping.

Creating and Using Shopify Shopcodes

Creating the QR codes is as simple as downloading the app and going to the dashboard in Shopify. When you create the code, you can customize it with links to a product’s page or the shopping cart page.

You can add discounts to the Shopcodes or make changes through the app dashboard with additional information or promotions. And each transaction can be tracked through your Shopify Analytics dashboard to see where the traffic and sales are coming from.

Small Business Deals

Once the codes are created, they can be used in the digital or physical world. You can download the codes, print them and place them on products, offline ads, or windows in your brick and mortar store. When customers scan them, they can find out more about your store, products or be directed to your Shopify store.

Shopcode is one more tool to make your small business more accessible to your customers. In highlighting one of its features, Corey Pollock, Product Manager at Shopify, said on the company blog, “Instead of manually typing in your website’s URL on their mobile devices, shoppers can be taken directly to the product in your Shopify store instantly.”

If you are a Shopify merchant, you can get the Shopcodes app for free through the Shopify App Store.

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  1. This is great. It gives customers more options. Although I am not a QR code user myself. It is still a nice addition to your Shopify website.

  2. It will come in handy as payments are now evolving to become wireless. Having a website that is ready for that will just make things better for the consumers.

  3. I think that Shopify is slowly evolving as a prime choice for eCommerce websites. And by having more and more options like this, it is slowly becoming the ‘WordPress’ of eCommerce.

  4. When it supports an API Integration, it would definitely be handy. Our wholesale customers who used the Catalog Maker App would definitely want this.