35 Percent of Small Businesses Worry about Hiring Skilled Talent, Survey Says (INFOGRAPHIC)

Skilled Worker Shortage at Small Businesses Tops SMB Concerns Right Now (INFOGRAPHIC)

Most small business owners consider finding skilled workers to be their biggest challenge, according to a survey by financial services company Reliant Funding. The company surveyed over 1,000 U.S. based small business owners with 5-200 employees.

Businesses Optimistic, Despite Hiring Challenges

The study revealed finding skilled employees is a key concern for 35 percent of businesses, followed by marketing and advertising for 33 percent.

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Despite the challenges, the majority of small business owners (63 percent), however, are optimistic about the future. Three out of 4, in fact, say business is good and growing steadily.

Skilled Worker Shortage at Small Businesses

But which are the hardest to fill jobs for small businesses?

According to another recently conducted study by Indeed.com, jobs that require some experience and the wisdom gained from experience are staying empty at small businesses. These include jobs such as Road Manager, Director of Case Management, Mergers and Acquisitions Managers and Sales Advisors.

“Small businesses can have a difficult time finding employees to fill specialized jobs,” said Paul Wolfe, Indeed senior vice president and head of HR for the job site.

Hiring Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Finding the right people for your small business can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge.

If you’re struggling to identify qualified candidates, consider tying up with local colleges and adult education programs. If possible, cast your net wider and look for remote workers in other parts of the state, country or even overseas.

Struggling to tell how well the job applicants will do once they are hired? Rework your hiring and interview strategy. You may want to conduct multiple interview rounds and create comprehensive pre-employment tests to assess a candidate’s skills and personality.

To attract the best talent, it is essential for your company to be desirable. That’s why it pays to build a positive brand image online and offer prospective employees opportunities to learn.

To learn more, see the infographic below:

Skilled Worker Shortage at Small Businesses Tops SMB Concerns Right Now (INFOGRAPHIC)

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