Update Your Online Marketing Strategy with These 10 Tips

Update Your Online Marketing Strategy with These 10 Tips

You know all of the basic ways to market a business online: create content, use social media, buy online ads. But your competitors know all of those methods too. So you need to step up your efforts if you want to stand out. Here are some new ways to update your online marketing from members of the online small business community.

Make Your Content More Relevant in Search

In order for your content marketing to be effective, people need to easily be able to find it. And search engines are a big part of that. To learn how to make your content more relevant in search, check out this Content Marketing Institute post by Marcia Riefer Johnston.

Avoid These Common AdWords Mistakes

AdWords has been a major tool for online marketers for years. But in that time, many have made costly mistakes that have lessened the effectiveness of their ads. See some of those common mistakes so you can avoid them in your own efforts in this Search Engine Journal post by Susan Wenograd.

Create Processes for Regular Web Maintenance

Once you’ve created a great website for your business, the work isn’t over. You have to perform regular web maintenance. And creating processes can help with that. Benjamin Brandall provides a helpful checklist for doing so in this Process Street post.

Make Your Business Happy with These Landing Page Benefits

Think you don’t need to use landing pages as part of your online marketing strategy? Think again! In this post, Mike Allton of the Social Media Hat shares why you’re wrong to believe landing pages are unimportant. BizSugar members also shared thoughts on the post here.

Learn the Art and Science of Retargeting

Retargeting gives businesses a unique opportunity to procure more repeat shoppers online. But there’s a lot that goes into this process. Learn the art and science of retargeting in this Target Marketing post by Patrick Kuehn and Daniel Ripes.

Implement These Marketing Automation Workflows

Online marketing can be a time consuming undertaking. But you can save time and increase effectiveness by automating certain processes. In this SUCCESS Agency post, Mary Blackiston suggests seven marketing automation workflows that you should implement in order to save time.

Use These Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Success During the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching, providing opportunities to boost sales with unique holiday promotions. And affiliate marketing can be a huge part of your strategy. In this Marketing Land post, Adam Weiss offers some affiliate marketing strategies you can use for success during the holidays.

Boost Retention Rates with These Customer Support Hacks

Online marketing isn’t just about gaining new customers. You also need strategies for retaining current ones. The customer support hacks listed in this Post Funnel article by Sam Hurley can help in that area. And you can also see commentary on the post over on BizSugar.

Avoid These Common Blogging Mistakes

Blogging has been a popular way for businesses to promote their offerings and earn extra income for years now. But some are still just getting started with blogging, meaning they could be more prone to mistakes. To learn more about some of the common mistakes to avoid, read this Basic Blog Tips post by Erik Emanuelli.

Maximize Your Email Marketing Strategy with These Platforms

Through all of the changes to online marketing tools and platforms, email remains a powerful way to communicate with customers and potential customers. If you’re looking to maximize your email marketing strategy, this SMB CEO post by Megan Totka may be able to provide some useful insights.

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Annie Pilon Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles, interviews, feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring all that her home state of Michigan has to offer.

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  1. These are some really good tips. I think that content marketing is more important than before. And it not just for rankings but for really communicating to audiences and teaching something valuable.

  2. Email marketing continues to help marketers. But knowing how to reach out may prove to be quite tough.

  3. Having a blog for your business is no longer optional. It is very important to have a blog not only for content marketing but also to share your expertise with your target market.

  4. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Hello Annie,

    Thanks for writing this beautiful post. You have mentioned some great tips here which is very helpful to the users.

  5. Hi Annie. I enjoyed the collection of articles! The digital marketing landscape has definitely expanded with the evolution of web technologies and sociological changes.

    In response to your first tip about content, I absolutely believe that this is one of the single most beneficial things a small business can do for themselves (without having to hire someone). Content tells a story; it communicates value and a company’s mission/purpose while making a human connection.

    Tapping into the right values is also very important for content. Some customers might find value in the functional attributes of your product/service (eg. such as quality, simplicity, cost-reduction), whereas others might find more value in the emotional attributes (eg.nostalgia, therapeutic, affiliation).

    Truly understanding your customers and your own business is the first step to creating great, relevant content.

  6. Connect Worldwide

    In this age of digital marketing, you need to regularly update your marketing strategies especially if you are promoting your products online. As mentioned in the article, your competitors know all the basics of digital marketing already and maybe even share more knowledge than you on its implementation, but one can alsways keep them selves regularly updated on the new strategies and tactics for digital marketing to keep a step ahead of their competitors.

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