10 Weird Franchises to Stand Out From The Crowd

weird franchises

Everyone knows the names of some of the bigger franchises like Burger King and McDonald’s. However, there are lots of other weird franchise ideas if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd. Here’s 10 examples.

Weird Franchises to Consider


10 Weird Franchises to Stand Out From The Crowd - Cereality

This weird franchise caters to those busy always on the go people everyone knows and most of us have become. They let you combine two brand name cereals and then add a topping.  It’s like taking your kitchen with you on the road. One menu choice offers Cherrios and Special K with dried cranberries and walnuts. Not weird enough? How about the fact Pajama-clad Cereologists™ fill customer orders.

They’re currently looking to open stores in airports, hospitals and colleges. They’ve also just started a catering business. If you’re looking for a franchise in a fast paced environment, this could be for you.

Bed Bug Chasers

10 Weird Franchises to Stand Out From The Crowd - Bed Bug Chasers

It’s good to know a franchise’s strengths before you get involved. It’s not that unusual to be a franchise that goes after pests. It is strange to be one that only chases bedbugs. What’s even weirder is the  ISO 9001 certified heat remediation equipment they use that pumps out 68,288 BTU’s. Got a bedbug problem? These are serious people.

Because they don’t use chemicals, you don’t need a pest control license in most states to own a franchise. They are also a low investment franchise so you don’t need a big initial cash outlay.

Christmas Decor

10 Weird Franchises to Stand Out From The Crowd - Christmas Decor

Like the name implies, this weird franchise focuses on putting up Christmas decorations. The extent they go to is what separates this franchise from the crowd. These professional holiday decorators undergo extensive design and electrical training.

You can start a Christmas Decor franchise for only $9,900 dollars. This is a great option if you need a business with low startup costs.

Mosquito Squad

10 Weird Franchises to Stand Out From The Crowd - Mosquito Squad

These folks offer what’s called a barrier protection spray program for your backyard or event. If you’re interested in getting involved with something more natural, Mosquito Squad can offer another barrier made up of essential oils.There are over 200 locations now and they are looking for new franchisees.


10 Weird Franchises to Stand Out From The Crowd - DoodyCalls

Some of the weird franchises on our list have great names. This company provides pooper scooper services. They’ll look after your backyard or even apartment or condo complex. What makes DoodyCalls totally different is their 20 plus  years in the field.

They are proud of the fact they scoop 10 million doggie deposits every year. This isn’t just a business opportunity. The website stresses they want franchisees that want to make the world better for pets and their owners.

Anger Room

10 Weird Franchises to Stand Out From The Crowd - Anger Room

This is just what it sounds like. Anger Room is a place where you can go and break stuff when you’ve had a bad day. Clients are provided with safety gear and they can smash donated items like furniture and laptops. There’s one location in Dallas right now, but the owners are looking for franchisees.

Because these folks are just starting down the franchise path, startup costs should be low.


10 Weird Franchises to Stand Out From The Crowd - Bio-One

Most of the franchises on this list are for the adventuresome. Bio-One is for people who don’t have queasy stomachs. That’s because these people clean up crime scenes.

As you might have already imagined, the franchise process is lengthy. There’s an initial call with the CEO followed by a series of processes. In the end, you’ll attend a training school in Denver.

The Spice and Tea Exchange

10 Weird Franchises to Stand Out From The Crowd - The Spice and Tea Exchange

Most of the franchises focusing on food look to go big and offer items with a wide appeal. The Spice and Tea Exchange started in 2008 and sought to tap a niche market.  Specialty teas, salts, sugars and spices are just some of the unique items they carry.  Their business model mimics an 18th Century Trading Post.

Currently they have over 50 stores with the most on the east coast but one as far away as Alaska. Franchise opportunities start with a Franchising Discovery Process. The head office is committed to  supplying help on an ongoing basis.

We Do Lines

10 Weird Franchises to Stand Out From The Crowd - We Do Lines

Weird franchises lend themselves to catchy names like this one for a company that does parking lot striping. We Do Lines has moved from the parking lots to curbs and warehouses where they stripe and stage floors.

Currently they have Arizona, Ohio and Connecticut locations. Because they are branching out and serve a need that’s ongoing, you can get in touch with them here, about franchising possibilities.

Wild Birds Unlimited

10 Weird Franchises to Stand Out From The Crowd - Wild Birds Unlimited

Bird watching supplies are another niche market franchise and Wild Birds Unlimited delivers. They have a great inventory of information, supplies and feeders.

The franchise system allows you to click on experiences from other franchisees. Last year’s average gross sales for a store that had been open for a full year was $541,755 dollars.  The typical franchise costs $146,692 to $228,406 and that includes working capital and franchise fee.

Top Image: Mosquito Squad

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